Multilingualism Research Forum/Flerspråklighetsforum: Pre-service teachers’ raciolinguistic ideologies about refugee students’ education in Turkey

Tuba Yilmaz (Lecturer, Necmettin Erbakan University, Turkey/ University of Florida, USA) will discuss pre-service teachers’ raciolinguistic ideologies about refugee students’ education in Turkey.

Please note this is an event open to public.


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Tuba Yilmaz

Limited deliberate and planned immigration policies and salient, popularized, and politicized “hate speech” in the (social) media caused an increase in the circulation of raciolinguistic ideologies in Turkey. Particularly targeting the over 3.7 million registered ‘temporary’ Syrian refugees, these raciolinguistic ideologies position refugees as ‘other’, ‘inferior’, and ‘linguistically deficient,’ reiterating their ‘temporary’ status in Turkish law and demanding their repatriation. Raciolinguistic ideologies circulating in broader society are also observed in schools, among teachers, parents, and mainstream students (Aydin & Kaya, 2019; Cirit-Karaagaç & Guvenc, 2019; Rosa, 2016).  This study explores how pre-service teachers employ raciolinguistic ideologies and discourses as they prepare to work with refugee students. 

For this study, pre-service teachers in 9 different teaching programs at a state university were interviewed about their ideologies and anticipated interactions with refugee-background students.  The findings demonstrated that social, economic, and cultural factors supported and accelerated the raciolinguistic ideologies among the pre-service teachers; however, the strength of ideologies varied based on city and time. Moreover, pre-service teachers perceived integration in Turkish mainstream classrooms impossible due to the powerful raciolinguistic ideologies at schools. Finally, pre-service teachers demonstrated unwillingness and unpreparedness to teach refugee students.


Tuba Yilmaz works as a lecturer in the English Language Education program
at Necmettin Erbakan University, Turkey. She completed her master’s and doctorate degree in the ESOL/Bilingual Education program at the University of Florida, US.
She has one year of K-8 and seven years of tertiary level teaching experience in Turkey and in the US. Her research interests include translanguaging, multilingual/multicultural education, refugee student education, and critical pedagogy.

Published May 6, 2022 1:57 PM - Last modified May 18, 2022 1:28 PM