New Researcher at MultiLing

Haley De Korne is our new researcher on the STANDARDS project. Welcome to MultiLing!

Haley De Korne (Photo: private)

Haley De Korne (Photo: private)

Haley De Korne completed her PhD in Educational Linguistics at the University of Pennsylvania (2016), where she conducted ethnographic and action research on Isthmus Zapotec language education in Oaxaca, Mexico. She has now joined the STANDARDS project at MultiLing where she will continue her research on minority language education and language politics, and contribute to a forthcoming volume on the standardisation of minority languages in collaboration with project director Pia Lane.

Read more about De Korne's acadmic interests at MultiLing's staff pages.

Published Aug. 31, 2016 9:02 AM - Last modified Jan. 9, 2020 11:21 AM