New MultiLing affiliate: Sébastien Lucas

A warm welcome to our new MultiLing affiliate, Sébastien Lucas!

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Sébastien Lucas is a PhD Candidate at the the DYLIS research center, Université de Rouen Normandie, France.

Lucas completed his MA degree in linguistics at Rouen University, France, in 2012, with the project “Didactics, Multilinguism, Sociocognition: Lexical polysemy and knowledge transfer in multilingual children at the René Cassin French School of Oslo”.

Since 2006, he has been living in Oslo and working as an elementary teacher and a special education teacher for French as a language of education at the French School of Oslo, Lycée René Cassin, as well as a teacher for French as a foreign language at Folkeuniversitetet in Oslo.

In his PhD project, Lucas examines how French-Norwegian bilingual children reflect consciously upon the syntax of sentences. The project aims to bridge the gap between psycholinguistics and sociolinguistics about metalinguistic skills and awareness. Lucas especially examines how languages are acquired and how they affect each other. He further explores how family language policies and practices can influence the way bilingual children reflect upon languages. In that matter, his PhD project is connected to one of MultiLing’s flagship projects, MultiFam: Family language policy in multilingual transcultural families.

Lucas is also a participant in the project Language Contact and Language Change across Three Generations in Turkish Families in Norway and France, a joint research project between MultiLing and Université de Rouen Normandie.

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