Visiting scholar: Nancy Hornberger

Professor Nancy Hornberger (University of Pennsylvania) visited MultiLing for several weeks in May. During her stay, she shared her expertise in language policy, ethnography, and education research in many different ways. 


Nancy Hornberger conversing with Hilde Sollid (The Arctic University of Norway), the other keynote speaker at the Multilingualism and Education conference (Photo: Haley de Korne)

Nancy Hornberger spent time at MultiLing as a visiting researcher in May. During her stay, she attended large and small events at the University, and she also got to experience the Oslo spring at its best, both on and off Blindern campus. 

Keynote on "Researching and teaching (with) the continua of biliteracy"

Hornberger investigates language and education in culturally and linguistically diverse settings, and while she was visiting, she delivered one of the keynote presentations at the conference on Multilingualism and Education. This conference brought together researchers and education practitioners from 14 different countries to discuss the challenges and opportunities that multilingualism presents in education today. Read a summary and see photos of the conference here.  

Discussion groups at MultiLing

Visiting the Oslo fjord with MultiLing PhD fellow Jorunn Simonsen Thingnes 
(Photo: Haley de Korne)

While the Multilingualism and Education conference was a rather large-scale event co-organized by members from MultiLing and SISCO (Studies of Instruction across Subjects and Competences) at ILS, Hornberger also led discussion groups on language policy research and post-graduate supervision strategies at the MultiLing Center. Furthermore, several MultiLing members benefited from her professional expertise, as she consulted with both PhD and postdoctoral fellows on their language education research. 


Published June 26, 2018 11:25 AM - Last modified June 26, 2018 11:41 AM