Women and Leadership

If you really want to empower women, what do you have to do? At the Women and Leadership round-table last week, students, university staff, and international scholars came together in Oslo to share experiences, and to discuss how we can achieve gender equality at all levels in academia.

Photo: Nadia Frantsen/UiO. See more photos from the event below.
Photo: Nadia Frantsen / UiO. See more photos from the event below.

Last year, the number of female professors in Norway was still below 30%. So far, the University of Oslo has only had one female rector. All over the world, women in academia—and in other sectors—still lose at the expense of men, in many ways that are both visible and invisible.

Organized by MultiLing’s Postdoctoral Fellow Kellie Gonçalves, the two-day round-table aimed to bring together an international group of leading scholars to discuss their current positions and inform younger scholars about the choices, rewards, and challenges that face women in leadership positions.

Topics at the round-table included what we know about women and leadership from research, whether not just men, but also other women, can be a threat to the careers of female academics, how to encourage women to discover and live their ambitions, and what the tasks of a leader are. A full list of talk topics can be found below. At the end of each day, a panel discussion was held, where the speakers and the audience engaged in discussions on what needs to be done to really empower women, and how one can resolve the challenges of balancing leadership positions with partners and families.

The event was funded by the Faculty of Humanities.

Invited speakers at Women & Leadership:

Åse Gornitzka (University of Oslo) – "The pink dilemma – Reflections on being an academic, a woman, and a newbie leader"
Virginia Richter (University of Bern, Switzerland) (external link) – “The Joys of admin. Power and collaboration at different academic levels”
Helen Kelly-Holmes (University of Limerick, Ireland) (external link) - “Powerful women, a threat to men – and women?”
Fanny Duckert (University of Oslo) – "What are the tasks of a leader?"
Surin Kaur (University of Malaya, Malaysia) (external link) – “Women and leadership – what do we know from research?”
Ellen Rees (University of Oslo) – “The power of discomfort: Identifying and living your ambitions
Máiréad Moriarty (University of Limerick, Ireland) (external link) – “Balancing on the tightrope: Challenges and opportunities in a first leadership role
Elana Shohamy (Tel Aviv University, Israel) (external link) – “How to initiate a sub-field of research and become the founder of an academic journal?”
Elizabeth Lanza (MultiLing, University of Oslo) – “What are the challenges of juggling an international research center?”
Beatrix Busse (University of Heidelberg, Germany) (external link) – "Lean in or ladies' lonely leadership? – That's the question!"
Additional panel discussants:
Eirik Welo (University of Oslo)
Piotr Garbacz (University of Oslo)
Robert Blackwood (University of Liverpool, UK) (external link)
Bjørn Ramberg (University of Oslo)

Photos from the event:

All photos by Nadia Frantsen / UiO.

Women and leadership
By Malene Bøyum
Published June 7, 2018 9:41 AM - Last modified Mar. 17, 2020 1:12 PM