MultiLing Winter School 2020

The last week of February, PhD students from all over the world gathered at MultiLing for our winter school: "Issues in second language learning (with)in marginalized populations: Research methods, language policy, teacher education, ideologies."

All the participants and organizers in the meeting room

A big thank you to the lecturers, and to all the PhD students who attended the course, for making this year's Winter School such a great, inspiring event!

For this year's Winter School, we were lucky to have Martha Bigelow (University of Minnesota) as our main lecturer. Her sessions focused on language learning and literacy in immigrant populations and on methodological issues regarding research on and within such communities. Bigelow's reasearch has often been focused on the Somali immigrant population of Minneapolis, MN. The Winter School was organized by Anne Golden, Toril Opsahl and Ingebjørg Tonne (MulitLing), who all contributed with lectures on the Norwegian context. In addition, Kristin Vold Lexander (MultiLing) held a lecture on language learning practices in social media.

We thank all the participants and speakers for their wonderful contributions and energy throughout the winter school!

More photos from the Winter School

All photos by Nadia Frantsen/UiO

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