Visiting scholar: Lenore Grenoble

Lenore Grenoble (The University of Chicago) just spent three months at MultiLing as a US Fulbright Arctic Chair grantee. We asked her to tell us a bit more about her stay in Oslo, and her current research: 

Lenore Grenoble (Photo: Private)

Lenore Grenoble (Photo: Private)

My stay this fall at MultiLing has been sponsored by the US Fulbright Arctic Chair Norway, which has funded my project to study the effects of urbanization on language vitality and sustainability for Arctic Indigenous communities, with a particular focus on Sámi living in Oslo. As a contrastive case study, I went on a trip to northern Norway with Pia Lane and Olga Solovova, looking at multilingual contexts in the border regions of Norway, Finland and Russia. Pia and I reached the conclusion that more research is needed on multilingual identities among Sámi and Kven in the north and in Oslo, and I plan to return in the beginning of 2019 to continue this work.

One longstanding project with researchers at MultiLing is the creation of a new, born-digital publication, Linguistic Minorities in Europe or LME. I have been working intensely with Pia Lane and Unn Røyneland, along with Kees de Bot of MultiLing's Scientific Advisory Board. We’re preparing an initial launch of the project for August 2019 and have made tremendous progress during my stay here.

MultiLing has provided an amazing intellectual environment for me, with so much research—and so many researchers—focusing on the study of all aspects of multilingualism. I have taken advantage of the very rich schedule of talks and workshops, and have attended as many as I could manage, including Multilingual writing – methodologies and concepts across contexts, Linguistic Landscapes: Public signage as an area of language contacts and conflicts, and Multilingual and Intercultural Education – Theory and practice from Latin America and Norway. I had the great fortune to arrive in time for the annual Einar Haugen lecture, given this year by Ana Deumert, and for a talk by Jeff MacSwan


About Lenore Grenoble:

Lenore Grenoble is John Matthews Manly Distinguished Service Professor, Department of Linguistics and Humanities Collegiate Division and Acting Director of Graduate Studies for Slavic Linguistics, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures at The University of Chicago. 

Grenoble specializes in Slavic and Arctic Indigenous languages, and is currently conducting fieldwork on Evenki (Tungusic) in Siberia, Kalaallisut (West Greenlandic, Inuit) in Greenland, and Wolof (Niger-Congo) in Senegal.  Her research focuses on the study of contact linguistics and language shift, discourse and conversation analysis, deixis, and issues in the study of language endangerment, attrition, and revitalization (Bio from The University of Chicago). 

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