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Room HW 407
Available hours By appointment
Visiting address Niels Henrik Abels vei 36 Henrik Wergelands hus 0313 Oslo
Postal address Postboks 1102 Blindern 0316 Oslo


  • Ph.D., City Univ. of N.Y. Grad. Center

Undergraduate and Graduate Education

  • BA in Linguistics, Tel Aviv University, Israel
  • Ph.D. in Speech and Hearing Sciences, Graduate Center, CUNY

Professional/Clinical Certificates

  • NYS license in Speech-Language Pathology
  • Certificate of Clinical Competence, ASHA

Research Interests

  • Multilingualism
  • Aphasia
  • Language attrition
  • Language and cognition in aging

Courses Taught

  • Aphasia and Related Disorders
  • Clinical Practicum
  • Bilingualism
Tags: Multilingualism, Aphasia, Bilingualism and cognition, Language attrition


Kavé, G., and Goral., M. (in press). Do age-related word retrieval difficulties appear (or disappear) in connected speech? Aging, Neuropsychology and Cognition.

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  • Goral, Mira & Norvik, Monica I. (2019). Picture-based language assessment in multilingual aphasia.
  • Norvik, Monica I.; Goral, Mira; Kuzmina, Ekaterina; Røste, Ingvild & Simonsen, Hanne Gram (2019). Within and between language treatment effects in severe aphasia in multilingual speakers. Frontiers in Neuroscience.  ISSN 1662-4548. . doi: 10.3389/conf.fnhum.2019.01.00089
  • Norvik, Monica I. & Goral, Mira (2018). Language mixing in multilingual aphasia - Strength or weakness?.

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