Jessica Pedersen Belisle Hansen

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Mobile phone 97965597
Room HW 427
Available hours By appointment
Visiting address Henrik Wergelands hus 0313 Oslo Niels Henrik Abels vei 36
Postal address Postboks 1102 Blindern 0316 OSLO
Other affiliations Faculty of Humanities (Student)

Academic interests

Conversation Analysis, multimodality, multimodal interaction, multilingualism, institutional interaction, interpreting, videomediated interpreting, videomediated interaction, digital interaction.


  • MA in Rhetoric, Language and Communication, 2014-2016, University of Oslo.
  • MA Thesis, 2016, "Interpreting at a distance. A comparative analysis of turn-taking in video remote interpreting and on-site interpreting". My PhD-project builds on the work done in the master's thesis, and focuses on video mediated interpreting.
  • BA-level: Single courses in Rhetoric, Language and Communication and other topics, 100 ECTS, 2010-2014, University of Oslo.
  • BA in Sign Language and interpreting, 2005-2008, University of Oslo.

I began working as an interpreter in 2008. The focus for my work became gradually more administrative and academic within the field of interpreting. I continued studying single courses in Rhetoric, Language and Communication and other topics while working until August 2014, when I began studying for a master's degree. In January 2014 I began working at Oslo University Hospital as an adviser in the project "Tolkesentralen", where I participated in establishing an in-house interpreting unit. The unit has been fully operational since 2016 and currently (2017) provides interpreting in 85 languages for Oslo University Hospital, Akershus University Hospital and Sunnaas Hospital. I carried out my master's studies while working at the hospital.



  • Hansen, Jessica Pedersen Belisle (2016). Changing stance in the interpreted conversation: "We shall see that he takes his medicine".
  • Hansen, Jessica Pedersen Belisle (2016). Interpreting at a distance. A comparative study of turn-taking in video remote interpreting and on-site interpreting.
  • Hansen, Jessica Pedersen Belisle & Løfsnes, Hanne Maritsdatter (2016). Fra babel til behandling.
  • Hansen, Jessica Pedersen Belisle & Løfsnes, Hanne Maritsdatter (2016). Sluttrapport. Skjermtolking - når tolken er et annet sted.
  • Hansen, Jessica Pedersen Belisle & Løfsnes, Hanne Maritsdatter (2016). Training the users: How do we cooperate?.
  • Løfsnes, Hanne Maritsdatter; Buzungu, Valèry; Buzungu, Hilde Fiva & Hansen, Jessica Pedersen Belisle (2016). Skjermtolking - et spørsmål om organisering eller teknologi?.
  • Hansen, Jessica Pedersen Belisle (2015). Kunnskapsoppsummering. Skjermtolking - når tolken er et annet sted..
  • Hansen, Jessica Pedersen Belisle (2015). Teknologi og tolking.
  • Hansen, Jessica Pedersen Belisle & Nylund, Hanne Randi (2014). Doing the impossible: Interpreting in academic settings. Experiences, preparations and useful strategies.
  • Hansen, Jessica Pedersen Belisle (2013). Ikke fysisk til stede. Hvordan er fjerntolking annerledes enn tolking på stedet, og hva skal til for å lykkes?.
  • Hansen, Jessica Pedersen Belisle (2012). The distant classroom interpreter: How does remote interpreting influence the different relationships in an interpreted classrom setting?.

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