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Room HW440
Visiting address Henrik Wergelandshus
Postal address Postboks 1102 Blindern 0316 OSLO

Academic interests

I do research on multilingualism and mediated communication, like texting and chatting. I am particularly interested in how Wolof, and other languages that are mostly used in speech, are used as written languages in digital communication, mixed with other languages. Currently, I focus on mediated communication in the nuclear and extended family. My approach is inspired by the New Literacy Studies and other perspectives that seek to understand written language as a sociolinguistic object of research. How can the use of more than one language in written discourse be described and analysed? Making use of ethnographic tools, I examine how language use in digital communication contribute to the construction of identities and the language policy within multilingual families.   


In my MA thesis (UiO, 2004), I studied Wolof literacy practices in a village in Senegal. This inspired me to work on the emergence of the use of Wolof and other languages in the digital communication, of young urban Senegalese, and especially in texting, for my Ph.D. (UiO 2011) In 2014, I worked as a researcher for the project Forskningskampanjen, where Norwegian pupils were invited to study their own language use. I have also studied language use in Senegalese-based discussion forums. Currently, I investigate multilingual digital literacy practices in Norwegian-Senegalese families in Norway. Read about the first results at 

I am a member of the research network Literacies in Contact and affiliated researcher of the WhatsInApp Project, and the CNRS labos LLACAN and Lacito.    


ILNMULTI4120 Multilingual Writing

SPR4110 Språk og kommunikasjon i det flerkulturelle samfunnet

LING1109 Fleirspråkligheit


"What’s in the App? Di­gi­tal­ly-me­dia­ted com­mu­nica­tion wit­hin con­tem­po­ra­ry mul­ti­lin­gual fa­mi­lies ac­ross time and space" (What­sI­nApp)

LLACAN, Langage, Langues et Cultures d'Afrique Noire 

Lacito, Langues et civilisations à tradition orale

LitCo, Literacies in contact


Tags: Multilingualism, texting, identity, literacy practices, digital communication, Family Language Policy, Wolof, Senegal, code-switching


Lanza, Elizabeth and Kristin V. Lexander (forthcoming October 2019) Family Language Practices in Multilingual Transcultural Families, in Montanari, Simona and Suzanne Quay (eds.) Transdisciplinary Perspectives on Multilingualism. Berlin & New York, Mouton de Gruyter, 229-251.

Lexander, Kristin V. (2019) Polymedia in practice: Family multilingualism in digitally mediated interaction. Panel presentation Translanguaging and polymedia, 16th International Pragmatics Conference, Hong Kong, 9-14 June.  

Lexander, Kristin V. (2019) "'Gangstere i hjertet' - politisk hiphop i Senegal", Mellom Tidsskrift for omsett litteratur 1, 58-70.

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Lexander, Kristin V. and Daniel Alcón López (2019, forthcoming) “Digital Language and New Configurations of Multilingualism: language use in a Senegal-based discussion forum” in Lüpke, Friederike (ed.) Oxford Guide to the World's Languages: Atlantic. Oxford, Oxford University Press.

Lexander, Kristin V. (2018) "Peut-on parler de forme canonique concernant le SMS sénégalais?" In Bornand, Sandra and Jean Derive (eds.) Les canons du discours et la langue. Parler juste. Paris, Karthala, 313-331.

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Androutsopoulos, Jannis and Lexander, Kristin V. (2018) Modalities of language and media choice: transnational communicative repertoires of Senegalese families in Norway, TLANG research seminar Language, social media and migration: the role of mobile communication technologies in migrants’ everyday lives, 2 February, University of Birmingham

Lexander, Kristin V. (2017) Indexicalités à l'oral et à l'écrit: examples sociolinguistiques, presentation at the seminar series Indexicalités langagières et sociales, LLACAN, 5 October.

Lexander, Kristin V. and Daniel Alcón López (2017) "Le plurilinguisme sur les forums et ses effets sur la société sénégalaise" Orients. Revue thématique de l'association des anciens élèves et amis des langues orientales, 2017: 109-119.

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Lexander, Kristin V. (2011) ”Texting and African language literacy”, New Media and Society 13 (3): 427-443.


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  • Lexander, Kristin Vold (2019, 28. juli). Digital kommunikasjon. [Radio].  NRK Radio Språkteigen. Show summary
  • Lexander, Kristin Vold (2019). Jeux de langage et jeux de média dans le cadre familial plurilingue.
  • Lexander, Kristin Vold (2019). Polymedia in practice: Family multilingualism in digitally mediated interaction. Show summary
  • Lexander, Kristin Vold (2019, 04. august). Snapchat, Facebook og WhatsApp hjelper familier med innvandrerbakgrunn å utvikle flerspråkligheten. [Radio].  NRK Radio Språkteigen.
  • Lexander, Kristin Vold & Androutsopoulos, Jannis (2019). Turning ethnographic data to mediagrams: a method for the study of language and media choices among Norwegian-Senegalese families.
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