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Academic interests

My main research interests concern the sociolinguistic study of multilingualism. I'm interested in investigating people's linguistic practices, as well as their attitudes and ideologies towards multilingualism. I take a spatial focus in my research, which means investigating the relationships that people construct between language and space.

I use linguistic ethnographic methods and qualitative methodologies and have a particular interest in collaborative sociolinguistics, which focuses on encouraging people to be involved in all stages of researching, and critically thinking about, their own language use.

I am further interested in heritage language maintenance and shift, language planning and policy, and linguistic landscapes.


Courses taught

  • Language, Person, Society. Leeds Trinity University (Spring 2019)
  • Research Methods in Linguistics. Leeds Trinity University (Spring 2019)
  • ELAN, transcription tool workshop. University of Leeds (March 2018)
  • Introduction to Grammatical Structure. SOAS, University of London (Autumn 2016)
  • Language Landscape. Bow School, London. (Spring 2013)
  • Pidgins and Creoles. Reach Cambridge. (March 2013)
  • Linguistic Landscapes, Research Methods and Ethics. Urban Transcripts, London. (December 2012)


Teaching materials

Open access teaching materials on multilingualism. The lessons are aimed at undergraduate and/or masters level and are based around Kanraxël, an ‘ethnofiction’ documentary about multilingualism in a village in the Casamance, Senegal. For more information, and to access the materials, please visit the Kanraxël website.

The materials were created jointly with Dr Miriam Weidl.



2019. PhD in Linguistics. SOAS, University of London. Thesis title: Sociolinguistic spaces and multilingualism: practices and perceptions in Essyl, Senegal.

2012. MA in Language Documentation and Description. SOAS, University of London. Dissertation title: Being Mauritian: a sociolinguistic case study on the transmission and use of Mauritian Creole in the UK.

2007. BA (Hons) in Modern Language Studies. The University of Nottingham.


Funding Awards

  • 2014-2017. Leverhulme Trust, PhD scholarship. Part of the Crossroads project
  • 2017. EU Horizon 2020, Engaged Humanities Field School in Tlaxcala, Mexico.
  • 2013. AHRC, Multilingual Skills Development Scheme. Senegal Placement.
  • 2012. Google Earth Developer Grant. Awarded to Language Landscape.


Previous academic positions

  • 2019. Visiting Lecturer. Leeds Trinity University
  • 2018-2019. Research Assistant. University of Leeds
  • 2016-2017. Graduate Teaching Assistant. SOAS, University of London


Selected publications

Goodchild, Samantha & Miriam Weidl. 2019. Translanguaging practices in the Casamance, Senegal: Similar but different: two case studies. In Ari Sherris & Elisabetta Adami (eds.) Making signs, translanguaging ethnographies: Exploring urban, rural and educational spaces, 131-151. Bristol: Multilingual Matters.

Goodchild, Samantha. 2016. "Which language(s) are you for?" "I am for all the languages." Reflections on breaking through the ancestral code: trials of sociolinguistic documentation. In Lu Lu & Sandy Ritchie (eds.) SOAS Working Papers in Linguistics. 18: 75-91.

Goodchild, Samantha. 2013. Being Mauritian: A sociolinguistic case study on the transmission and use of Mauritian Creole in the UK. Newcastle University Working Papers in Linguistics. 19.1. (Selected papers from Sociolinguistics Summer School 4). 109-127.

Ritchie, Sandy, Samantha Goodchild & Ebany Dohle. 2016. Language Landscape: Supporting community-led language documentation. In Vera Ferreira & Peter Bouda (eds.) Language Documentation and Conservation in Europe. 121-132. Honolulu: University of Hawai'i Press.

Weidl, Miriam & Samantha Goodchild (eds.) 2018 online. SOAS Working Papers in Linguistics. 19.



Tags: Sociolinguistics, Multilingualism, Multilingual language practices, Multilingual ideologies and language policies, Ethnography, Linguistic Landscapes


  • Opsahl, Toril; Lomeu Gomes, Rafael; Goodchild, Samantha; Ims, Ingunn Indrebø; Lamb, Gavin Mitchell & Røyneland, Unn [Show all 7 contributors for this article] (2022). (Re)producing stereotypes in media representations of contemporary urban vernaculars.
  • Svendsen, Bente Ailin & Goodchild, Samantha (2021). Book review: How We Talk about Language: Exploring Citizen Sociolinguistics. Betsy Rymes, Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press. 2020. 201 pp. 1st edition, ISBN: 9781108725965: Pb: £19.99. Journal of Sociolinguistics. ISSN 1360-6441. p. 1–6. doi: 10.1111/josl.12511.
  • Røyneland, Unn & Goodchild, Samantha (2021). The construction and deconstruction of lects – labelling of heterogeneous and fluid linguistic practices.
  • Goodchild, Samantha (2020). Multilingualism triangulated in practice and analysis: a journey from communicative events through languages to “ways of speaking”.
  • Goodchild, Samantha (2020). Language Landscape: exploring the dynamics of engaging with people.

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