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ACT: The Acquisition of Consonant Timing: a study in cross-linguistic micro-variation (completed)

About the project

The project investigates the acquisition of consonant length, phonation and consonant clusters in English and Norwegian children aged between 2and 6 years – these are areas where English and Norwegian differ in subtle, but interesting ways. The results from this study will contribute theoretical insights in the relationship between nature and nurture, as well as yield a baseline for the next step: acquisition of these elements in bilingual English-Norwegian children. 




British Academy and Leverhulme Small Research Grant SG122210


K. E. Kristoffersen, ILN, Universitetet i Oslo; Inger Moen, MultiLing, ILN, Universitetet i Oslo, Nina Gram Garmann, HiAO; Elinor Payne, Oxford University; Brechtje Post, Cambridge University.

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