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Lexical and grammatical development in Turkish-Norwegian children (completed)

This study aims to investigate lexical and grammatical development and the interaction between these skills in bilingual Turkish-Norwegian children in Norway.

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About the project

We investigate early language development in a group of Turkish-Norwegian children aged 1-3 years using the parental report form MacArthur-Bates CDI, and will also assess lexical and grammatical skills in 4-6-year-olds through different assessment tools.

In addition, the parents fill in a background questionnaire about their child’s development and language use in the family. The project will tell us more about the interaction between vocabulary and grammar within and across two very different languages, and the results may prove useful for identifying language impairment in bilingual children.


3 years


Seyhun Topbaş, Anadolu universitetet, Eskişehir, Tyrkia.

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