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Norwegian Romani: A Linguistic View on a Minority Language in the North of Europe (completed)


Jakob Wiedner.

Photo: Nadia Frantsen, UiO.

About the project

The PhD project about Norwegian Romani aims to gather information about the language of the Norwegian Romanifolk/Tatere minority living in Norway since 16th century. In addition to vocabulary and grammar, sociolinguistic and discourse analytical questions such as attitude towards the language, the relation to Norwegian, language use, state of the language within the community etc. are focused on. Members of the Norwegian Romanifolk/Tatere community will be given a chance to express their view on the Romani language as part of their biography in a narrative interview.

The results of the analysis of these interviews will provide a picture of the language, which can be used to create a basic framework for further work on Romani issues, especially in education.

Norwegian Romani Dictionary

As dissemination is part of the PhD project, all lexical data gathered throughout the project (published sources and fieldwork) are publically accessible for everybody interested in Norwegian Romani. Additionally, the dictionary forum offers a platform for speakers of Norwegian Romani to comment on dictionary entries, suggest new words or improvements in translation of already existing entries and to give concrete examples of words in use.

Norwegian Romani Dictionary (available in English and Norwegian)

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Jakob Wiedner