Norwegian words: A lexical database for clinicians and researchers

Journal article by Marianne Lind, Hanne Gram Simonsen, Pernille Hansen, Elisabeth Holm and Bjørn-Helge Mevik in Clinical Linguistics & Phonetics, volume 29, issue 4, 2015.

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All words have properties linked to form, meaning and usage patterns which influence how easily they are accessed from the mental lexicon in language production, perception and comprehension. Examples of such properties are imageability, phonological and morphological complexity, word class, argument structure, frequency of use and age of acquisition. Due to linguistic and cultural variation the properties and the values associated with them differ across languages. Hence, for research as well as clinical purposes, language specific information on lexical properties is needed. To meet this need, an electronically searchable lexical database with more than 1600 Norwegian words coded for more than 12 different properties has been established. This article presents the content and structure of the database as well as the search options available in the interface. Finally, it briefly describes some of the ways in which the database can be used in research, clinical practice and teaching.

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