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The Babylab is part of MultiLing's Socio-Cognitive Lab.

A little girl on her moms lap looking at a screen. Photo.

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What do we do?

Our research focuses on understanding how babies develop their language and socio-cultural skills in the first two years after birth. More importantly, we investigate how environment shapes babies’ perception and preference over time.

Current projects

There are two interesting projects at the moment. The project “LearningTone” studies if babies from all around the world are sensitive to Cantonese sounds. Babies will hear Cantonese in the lab when visiting us. The project “MultiPic” studies whether babies are sensitive to facial expressions across races and world cultures. Babies will see videos of Norwegian and Japanese mothers’ emotional expressions.

Father with baby in the babylab
Thank you to both babies Olav for coming to the Babylab and helping science move forward! When babies or young children and their caregivers visit the lab, they are together the whole time.

Become a participant

We are always looking for volunteers to participate in our studies. Children participating in the studies should be between 0-12 months of age. Children from all backgrounds are welcome! Your data will be anonymized and kept strictly confidential. If you are interested in participating, please register yourself or your child here. We will  contact you if a suitable study comes up. If you have questions you can e-mail

How to get here

The lab is located on the first floor of Henrik Wergelands hus, at Blindern campus in Oslo. It is very close to both the Forskningsparken metro stop and Universitetet Blindern tram stop.

Visiting address

First floor, rooms 113-116, Henrik Wergelands hus, Niels Henrik Abels vei 36, 0313 OSLO

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