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Participants for the Multilingual Aphasia control group

The goal of the study is to better understand how the brain processes languages. We are currently looking for participants for the control group.

Grandmother and baby

Photo: Nadia Frantsen/UiO

This project is a part of the flagship project Studies of Multilingual Aphasia and is led by associate professor Minna Lehtonen.

Who are we looking for?

In order to participate, you must be in one of the following age groups:

  • 18–35
  • 55 or older

You can participate if:

  • Norwegian is your first language
  • You know English
  • You are right-handed
  • Your hearing is normal (hearing aids are not a problem in this regard)
  • Your vision is normal (you may use glasses or lenses, but you must experience normal vision when wearing them)

If you have neurological diagnoses (e.g. epilepsy) or other neurological issues, language impairment or dyslexia, you cannot participate in this study. 

What does participation entail?

When you participate in this study, we need to see you for three sessions, in which you will carry out tasks on paper and on a computer. Two of the sessions last approximately 45 minutes, and one of the sessions lasts about two hours. As a thank you, you will be included in a raffle in which you can win a gift card for cinema tickets.

The sessions take place in MultiLing's Socio-cognitive Laboratory, which is located on the ground floor of Henrik Wergelands hus at campus Blindern.

Contact information

Please contact researcher Anne Marte Haug Olstad if you are interested in participating or if you have any questions.

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