How to get to RITMO

RITMO is located on the northwestern side of the Blindern campus.


Forskningsveien 3A
Harald Schjelderups hus, Inngang/entrace 1
0373 Oslo

  • RITMO's offices is one floor down and to the right.
  • Forsamlingssalen is two floors up and to the left.
  • RITMO Largo is in auditorium 4, entrance 2 (by the coffee bar)

How to get from Oslo Airport Gardemoen to Oslo city center


There are two train companies going to the city center, both with frequent departures from the airport. The train station is located inside the airport.

  1. Flytoget/Airport Express Train: 19 minutes travelling time. Price from Oslo Airport to Oslo S is 190 NOK. Buy your ticket in the ticket vending machine.
  2. NSB: 23 minutes travelling time. Price from Oslo Airport to Oslo S is 101 NOK. Buy your ticket in the NSB ticket vending machine or with the NSB app. You can buy tickets onboard but with an extra fee of 40 NOK. You can buy a 7-day pass for 249 NOK for Oslo (zone 1) and your train ticket will be included as long as you pay for the extra zones from the airport (zone 4N).
  3. Taxi: Traveling time: 45min. The price is around 700-800 NOK.

How to get to RITMO

Metro (t-bane)

Metro services from the centre to Forskningsparken:

  • 4 Vestli via Storo
  • 5 Ringen via Storo
  • 5 Sognsvann

Travelling time from Oslo S to Forskningsparken: 9 minutes.


Tram services from the centre:

  • 17 Rikshospitalet
  • 18 Rikshospitalet

Travelling time from Oslo S to Forskningsparken: 17 minutes.

RITMO is 9 min walk from the metro and tram station. See further descriptions via google maps.

How to buy tickets for public transport

  • App: Download the app RuterBillett.
  • Ticket: Can be bought in kiosks (Narvensen, 7-Eleven, Deli de Luca and Mix), Ruter service center in the Central station and National Theatre. There are also Ruter ticket vending machines at all stations. Find all departures with the app RuterReise or on the Ruter webpage.

You can buy a 7-day pass for 249 NOK, single tickets for 35 NOK or 24-hour ticket for 105 NOK. The ticket covers buss, tram, train (only NSB) and boat transport in the Oslo area. You only need to buy a ticket for zone 1 for traveling within Oslo.

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