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Norwegian Championship of Standstill

Can you stand still for 8 minutes? Come and join us! In connection with our open day the Institute for Musicology invites everyone to join the Norwegian Championship of Standstill.   


Aside from the competitive element, the Norwegian championship of standstill is a part of the research of the fourMs group. The goal is to understand more about how the body can be used to produce music, and how music influences body. At the moment, we know much about large-scale body motion: the sound-producing actions of musicians, the sound-accompanying motion of dancers, etc. We still, however, have little knowledge about the smallest body motion, what can be called micromotion. Such small-scale motion, typically smaller than 10 mm/s, is the focus of the new research project MICRO - Human Bodily Micromotion in Music Perception and Interaction.


The Norwegian championship of standstill will take place in the Music and Motion Lab at Department of musicology. Here we have a motion capture system with millimetre precision. The participants will wear a small marker on the head, which reflects the infrared light from the surrounding cameras, and which allows for recording the exact location of the marker over time. The measurements are totally harmless. We use the captured data to calculate the average speed in millimeters per second.

Setup for the Norwegian championship of standstill - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA
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