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Norwegian Championship of Standstill

Can you stand still for 8 minutes? Then you have the chance to win a gift card of NOK 1000. 

NM winner

A picture from the group with the winner, Ranja Elvestrand, number 2 from the left (all participants agreed to publish this picture).

Come and join us! In connection with UiO's Open Day 2018, the Department of Musicology invites everyone to join the Norwegian Championship of Standstill. We take in new groups every hour from 10:00 to 16:00 (and in between if there are enough people).


Aside from the competitive element, the Norwegian championship of standstill is a part of the research project MICRO. The goal is to understand more about how music influences human body motion. We know quite a lot about the motion of musicians and dancers, but still have relatively little knowledge about the motion of people listening to music. Now we are particularly interested in learning more about what we call micromotion. This is a level of motion we do not think much about in daily life. But we believe that music influences also this level. This is what we research in MICRO.


The Norwegian championship of standstill will take place in the Music and Motion Lab at Department of musicology. Here we have a motion capture system with millimetre precision. The participants will wear a small marker on the head, which reflects the infrared light from the surrounding cameras, and which allows for recording the exact location of the marker over time. The measurements are totally harmless. We use the captured data to calculate the average speed in millimeters per second.

Setup for the Norwegian championship of standstill - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA
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