Translation, Transmission and Transformation. Old Norse Romantic Fiction and Scandinavian Vernacular Literacy 1200–1500 (completed)

The main objective of this project is to study the transformation of literary genres in Scandinavia. The translations of French romances into Norse narratives is to be studied from the point of view of Translation Studies, but also in relation to the transformation of indigenous genres supposedly from an oral tradition into literate genres.  

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The processes involved will be studied from two perspectives: a philological perspective where the translated and indigenous genres are studied from the mentioned theoretical viewpoints, and a historical perspective where the transformation of genres at the crossroad of orality and literacy is placed in a social and political context.

The synthesis will build on three genre studies:

1. The introduction of European culture in the form of translations of French romances 
2. The meeting of European elite culture and an oral popular culture in the fornaldarsögur norðrlanda
3. The Europeanisation of Old Norse culture in the form of fornsögur suðrlanda

Complete project description (10 pages - PDF) 


Riddarasögur as patterns for European culture in the 13th century.

Fornaldarsögur norðrlanda and the Verschriftlichung of oral culture in the late 13th and 14th centuries.

Fornsögur suðrlanda – mirrors of European culture in the 15th century?


Norwegian Research Council (2007-2010)

Project partners and contacts

  • Senior lecturer Ingvil Brügger Budal, University of Bergen
  • PhD Peter Damian Grint, Oxford
  • Professor Jürg Glauser, Zürich and Basel. Guest in Oslo in October 2008
  • Professor Stefanie Gropper, Tübingen. Guest in Oslo in February and March 2009
  • PhD Annette Lassen, Copenhagen . Guest in Oslo in August 2010
  • Research Fellow Emily Lethbridge, Cambridge University. Guest in Oslo 12.–16. October 2009
  • Professor Torfi Tulinius, Reykjavík . Guest in Oslo in May and June 2010
  • PhD Hélène Tetrel, Brest
  • Centre for Medieval Studies (CMS), Bergen
  • The project "Medieval States of Welfare: Mental Wellbeing in European Culture, c. 1100-1450" at the University of Jyväskylä and the University of Tampere, Finland



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  • PhD candidate Stefka Georgieva Eriksen
  • Associate professor Karl G. Johansson
  • PhD candidate Karoline Kjesrud
  • PhD candidate Suzanne Marti
  • Research assistant Aleksandra Mazurek
  • MA Maria Bratlie
  • Research assistant Rune Flaten
  • Associate professor Hans Jacob Orning
  • Associate professor Terje Spurkland
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