Siri Hustvedt visits LCE

 LCE has launched with a week of events featuring author Siri Hustvedt

Hustvedt giving lecture

Foto: Ylva Østby

During her stay, Hustvedt delivered the first LCE Annual Lecture and engaged with researchers and reading-group members from LCE. Monday, Hustvedt held a reading-group meeting discussing The Blazing World by Margaret Cavendish, a text from 1666 that combines fictional forms with scientific inquiry and that has lent its title to Hustvedt’s own novel from 2014. Later that same day Dean Frode Helland from the Faculties of Humanities welcomed Hustvedt who gave the first LCE Annual Lecture, entitled “Poetic Logic”. In this lecture, she addressed a wide range of subjects. Beginning with her own mother’s recollection of a Jane Austen novel, she discussed emotions, intersubjectivity and new developments within the cognitive sciences.

You can see her lecture here:

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On Tuesday, she participated in a seminar with LCE researchers, giving feedback and discussing their projects. The following day, she gave the first LCE Master Class for master students writing their thesis in the intersection of literature and psychology.

On Friday, Hustvedt talked about her latest book, Memories of the Future, at Blå. In conversation with Karin Kukkonen, Hustvedt discussed her novel and how it situates itself in her authorship and within contemporary literature. This last event was hosted by LCE in collaboration with Litteratur på Blå.

Hustvedt at Blaa
Foto: Olivia Fialho



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