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An introduction to LCE courses

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What makes books come alive as we read them? Karin Kukkonen and Alexandra Effe approach this question from a cognitive perspective on literature. In this conversation, they talk about how novels by Frances Burney, Eliza Haywood and Italo Calvino draw on the bodily experience of readers. They discuss how we can understand literature as a kind of technology to expand our thinking and feeling, and whether to study for a degree in literature affects the very pleasure of reading itself.

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Lecture Materials

Do certain characters deserve what is happening to them? Find out more about poetic justice and its possible effects on readers' feelings through a series of short surveys.


How are stories anchored in fictional worlds? And how do words like "here" and "now" allow readers to orient themselves in these fictional worlds? Try out for yourself by manipulating deictic expressions.



Contributors: Karin Kukkonen (Deixis, Ultimatum Game, Narrative Self-Construction and Lexical and Phonological Route),  Alexandra Effe (Deixis) and Ljiljana Šarić (Conceptual Metaphors). These teaching materials were created in collaboration with LINK.

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