Digital Teaching Materials

LCE’s Digital Teaching Materials is an open educational resource for students, teachers and anyone with an interest in literature and psychology.

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Learn about literature through psychology and explore the human mind with literary theory.

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Our videos and digital exercises introduce core concepts, let you practice literary text analysis and explore psychological tests. These materials were developed for the LCE teaching programme in collaboration with LINK, but they are freely available to all students and teachers.

Find out more about our teaching programme and explore the materials below. We add more materials continuously.

Concept Videos

Our series of short 'Concept Videos' is a good place to start if you want to learn about LCE's courses and research activities. Each video introduces you to a core research topic in cognition and literature. To learn more, visit our video catalogue.

Lecture Materials

What do we teach our students? Below is a selection of supplementary materials and activities from LCE's lectures.

The Economy of Readers’ Feelings: The Ultimatum Game 

Why do we feel that certain characters deserve what is happening to them? In a lecture, we used mentimeter-activity to explore readers’ emotional investments in characters. Discover our results in this lecture summary on The Ultimatum Game.

Watch Yourself Think with Literature

In one of LCE's lectures, Karin Kukkonen presented the ways in which literature lets you trace the development of your own thoughts and feelings while you read. To learn more, listen to the lecture recording and watch the slides in the video below.

Digital Exercises

We use digital tools and interactive exercises in our teaching programme. In this freely available collection, you can try some of them out for yourself.

Deixis – or where are we when?

How are stories anchored in fictional worlds? And how do words like “here” or “now” allow readers to orient themselves in these fictional worlds? Try out for yourself by manipulating deictic expressions in this interactive exercise.

Study options

Do you want to expand you knowledge and learn how to apply LCE's topics in your own academic work? We offer courses for both BA and MA students. To find out more, see:

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