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Associate Professor - British North American
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Phone +47 22856952
Mobile phone +4790948254 90948254
Room NT 612
Available hours Home office. Available for appointments online. Send message to mobil phone.
Visiting address Niels Treschows hus 6th floor Niels Henrik Abels vei 36
Postal address Postboks 1003 Blindern 0316 Oslo

Advising Areas:

  • Gender/Sexuality/Women in American History
  • American Film History and Culture
  • Race/Racism in American History
  • American Social/Cultural History

*You should contact me as you are considering you thesis proposal.

**I offer group advising, although can meet individually if necessary.

Specialty courses:

ENG 2533: Gender in American History

ENG 4542: Research in American Social History

Works in Progress:

  • Guess Who's Coming to Dinner: Creating Radical Change by Conservative Means
  • Fire and Desire: Interracial Sex and Romance in the Movies
  • Writing a Successful Thesis
  • Rules for Writing English for Norwegians


PhD, 1993. American Social History. University of Minnesota. Thesis: Interracial Marriage in the United States, 1900-1980.


Førsteamanuensis (Associate Professor):

  • University of Oslo, Norway, 1997-present.  Institute for Literature, Area Studies, and European Languages: American History and Culture.
  • Norwegian School of Management (BI), Sandvika, Norway: 1996-1997. Intercultural Communication
  • Norges Teknisk-Naturvitenskapelige Universitet, Trondheim, Norway: 1995-1996.  American Civilization

STUDENT Ministry (1987-1994): Founder and Director

Improved academic excellence of students of all ages in mixed race and class context in inner city church.  Taught workshops on test anxiety, job seeking skills, and learning strategies.  Supervised scholarship program, Honor Roll, and Challenge groups.  Served as advocate for parents and children in local schools.  Mentored college, secondary and elementary students and parents.

Timelærer (1985-1995): University of Minnesota, Rochester Center, Minneapolis Community College, St. Cloud State University, University of Minnesota Extension, University of Minnesota Neighborhood Extension, University of Wisconsin-Stout. (History and Sociology)

Teaching Assistant (1980-88): University of Minnesota, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (History)

Consultant, 1986-1995.

Administrator/Teacher/Co-founder, New Heights Charter School, 1993.

Administrative Assistant, College of Liberal Arts Planning & Fiscal Management, University of Minnesota, 1988-93.

Independent and team research, analysis and reporting of all aspects of fiscal and curricular planning for deans.  Managed Temporary Allocations process.  Tracked income, expenditures and allocations, giving a prediction confidence of 95%, ten months earlier.  Published annual statistical reports of historical trends, improving accuracy while cutting months from the processing time.  Prioritized and responded to data inquiries.  Managed computer resources.

Research Assistant (1983-1986): University of Minnesota, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Assistant Archivist, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, 1977-78.

Daily operations of both the University Archives and the Area Research Center of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin.  Reorganized University archival records during move of physical facilities.  Created photograph collection (1868-1977).  Supervised student workers.  Assisted students, faculty and alumni with reference needs.

Tags: English, American Studies, United States, USA, American History, American Politics, Social History, Gender, Women's history, Gender history, Race, Racism, American culture, Film, Interracial Relationships, Sexuality, Marriage history, Research Methods, Memory, Americans in Norway


  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn (2017). "Racialized Markers of Gender and Gendered Markers of Race in 1950s Westerns", In Sue Matheson (ed.),  A Fistful of Icons: Essays on Frontier Fixtures of the American Western.  McFarland.  ISBN 9780786498048.  Kapittel.
  • Kitchen, Deborah Lynn (2005). Book Review of Edward Ashbee, Getting Set for American Studies, Getting Set for University. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press, 2004. American Studies in Scandinavia.  ISSN 0044-8060.  Spring

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  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn (2021). Changing Hearts about Race Via 1970s American TV.
  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn (2021). Intertwining Gender and Race in Guess Who's Coming to Dinner.
  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn (2021). Melanie S. Morrison, Murder on Shades Mountain: The Legal Lynching of Willie Peterson and the Struggle for Justice in Jim Crow Birmingham (Durham: Duke University Press, 2018). ISBN: 9780822371175. History: The Journal of the Historical Association.  ISSN 0018-2648. . doi:
  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn; Johnsen, Nilas Chaim & Foss, Amund Bakke (2021, 17. januar). Arven Etter Trump: Utenrikspolitiske snubletråder.  VG.
  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn; Johnsen, Nilas Chaim & Foss, Amund Bakke (2021, 18. januar). Slik kan riksrett forsinke Biden-starten: En Verkebyll.  VG.
  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn & Mikkel Ihle, Tande (2021, 10. juli). Erklærer unntakstilstand i New York: Skytevolden nesten doblet på et år.  Aftenposten.
  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn & Nordhagen, Guro Gulstuen (2021, 26. mai). Et år siden drapet på George Floyd.  Klar Tale.
  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn (2020). Historical Truths vs. Facts in Representations of Race: Hidden Figures.
  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn & Ahmer, Siri Nilsen (2020, 18. juni). Bolton i intervju: "Trump er uegnet som president".  VG.
  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn; Dønvold-Myhre, Lars & Dorholt, Ingunn (2020, 29. mai). Politiet er ute av kontroll.  Dagbladet.
  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn & Finnset, Knut Anders (2020, 29. juli). Norsk flagg fjernet.  Dagbladet.
  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn & Fredriksen, Ann (2020, 29. mai). Rasende protester i USA sprer seg -- Nasjonalgarden utplassert i Minneapolis.  Stavanger Aftenblad.
  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn & Halvorsen, Maria Rud (2020, 04. oktober). Trump-smell i målinger: Slått tilbake på ham som en bumerang.  VG.
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  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn; Hattrem, Hanne & Røyne, Henrik (2020, 06. oktober). Donald Trumps coronadiagnose: De ubesvarte spørsmålene.  VG.
  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn & Kahrs, Cathrine (2020, 11. juni). Slik kan drapet forandre USA.  Klar Tale.
  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn & Landmark, Nicolai (2020, 04. juni). Stjerner tar til sosiale medier etter politivold.  VG.
  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn; Mogen, Trym; Bones, Lars Eivind; Dønvold-Myhre, Lars & Brustad, Line (2020, 02. november). Frykter "voldelig og destruktivt" USA.  Dagbladet.
  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn; Ording, Oda; Buggeland, Sven Arne & Elgaaen, Vilde (2020, 01. oktober). Tar grep etter nattens debattkaos: Trump gir jo blaffen i regler.  VG.
  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn; Storaas, Ingrid Hovda; Ordning, Oda & Matre, Jostein (2020, 08. oktober). Visepresidentdebatten i USA: Khapp seier til Harris.  VG.
  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn (2019). The Racial Glass Ceiling: Subordination in American Law and Culture. The New Americanist.  ISSN 2545-3556.  1(2), s 142- 144
  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn & Ojala, Martta Karoliina (2019). More Than Just Pleasure: A Study on Finnish women’s Use of Pornography.
  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn & Realfsen, Sela Nabeit (2019). Mass Incarceration: Punitive Laws that Challenge Equal Rights and Opportunities for all -- Exploring Americans' Attitudes toward Punishment.
  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn (2018). Marriage and the State: Defining and Contesting Limits of the Heart (Multiple panels for conference).
  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn (2018). Marriage: Tracy and Hepburn Style.
  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn (2018). "To Fear and Desire: Interracial Sex and Romance in the Movies".
  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn (2018). Trying to Get Over: African–American Directors After Blaxploitation, 1977–1986. Historical Journal of Film, Radio and Television.  ISSN 0143-9685. . doi: 10.1080/01439685.2018.1521171
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  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn (2017). Roots and Renegotiating Home.
  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn & Falch-Nilsen, Kirsti (2017, 28. september). Den Siste Playboy. [Internett].  NRK nett avisen. Show summary
  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn & Haug, Kenneth (2017, 25. juli). USA-forslag om å forby Israel-boikott.  Vårt Land.
  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn & Krokos, Monika (2017). Between Identities: Liminal Lesbian Spaces in American Literature and Culture of the 1950s.
  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn & Krosby, Silje Lunde (2017, 17. september). USA rystet etter at hvit guttegjeng forsøkte å henge Quincy (8). [Internett].  TV2.
  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn & Kruse, Elise (2017, 29. juni). Norsk evangelikale er vanskeligere å snu.  Vårt Land.
  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn & Kvithyll, Susanne Moum (2017). "Deviant Femininity:" Exploring Gender, Sexuality, and race in Tobyn Rihanna Fenty's Musical Works and Personal Life.
  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn & Mjønerud, Ingunn (2017). Hillary Clinton Framed: Gender Stereotypes in the Media Coverage of the 2016 United States Presidential Election.
  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn (2016, 11. september). 15 år etter terrorangrepende florerer konspirasjonsteoriene: Tilbakevist gang på gang, men konspirasjonsteoriene om 9/11 fortsatt videre.  Dagbladet.
  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn (2016, 14. november). Clinton vant i universitetsbyene. [Internett].
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  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn & Bryn, Askild (2016). A Discussion of the Aftereffects of the Civil Rights Movement: Eight Civil Rights Activists Tell Their Story.
  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn & Løberg, Oda Kaasene (2016). Hillary Rodham Clinton: the First Feminist.
  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn & Røkke, Frida (2016). Religion and Gay Marriage: The Use of Religion in the Debate Concerning Same-Sex Marriage in the U.S..
  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn (2015). "Jim Cullen, Sensing the Past: Hollywood Stars and Historical Visions". Film & History: An Interdisciplinary Journal.  ISSN 0360-3695.
  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn (2015). "Journeys of Love" Conference panels.
  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn (2015). Race and Ethnicity: The Long Road to Representation (Conference panel).
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  • Melhus, Line & Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn (2013). "How are Pregnant Prisoners and Their Babies Treated in the American Correctional System?" An in-depth look at Prison Nurseries and Community-Based Residential Parenting Programs, Parental Rights and Health Care.
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  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn & Halvorsen, Gina B. (2012). The Portrayal of White Organized Racist Characters on Television: How White Organized Racist Characters are Portrayed in Oz, Sons of Anarchy, and Justified.
  • Megaard, Helene & Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn (2012). The Rush Effect: An Analysis of Political Entertainer Rush Limbaugh.
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  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn (2007, 01. januar). Race and Gender in Coming U.S. Presidential Elections. [Radio].  Multiple Radio and Newspapers in Oslo.
  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn & Tenden, Per Aubrey Bugge (2007). Male Imitations: A Look at Male Gender Performance in The O.C.
  • Bredoch, Merete & Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn (2006). Domesticity in Postwar America: The Feminine Mystique and Betty Friedan's Impact on American Women.
  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn (2006). Comparing Race.
  • Liberg, Monica & Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn (2006). "Turn on, Tune in, Drop out": The Haight Ashbury Subcultural lifestyle and Music -- Modeling the Counterculture.
  • Løvdal, Hilde & Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn (2006). Faith and Feminism: Evangelicalism, Feminism and the Culture Wars in the USA, 1970s to the Present.
  • Tisell, Heidi & Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn (2006). The Development in Hollywood's Gender Roles: Heroes and Heroines in Re-interpretations of Women's Films, 1930-2000.
  • Kitchen, Deborah Lynn (2005). Panel Commentary: Ashbee's "The 2004 Presidential Election, 'Moral Values', and the Democrats' Dilemma".
  • Heen, Leif-Atle & Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn (2005). "And a little lookin' out for the other fella, too" -- Individualism and the individual's relation to society in Frank Capra's Mr. Deeds Goes to Town, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Meet John Doe and It's a Wonderful Life.
  • Jahr, Ida Marie & Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn (2005). Better Not Sleep Under Water: A Comparison of Two Norwegian Films and their American Remakes.
  • Strand, Ole R. & Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn (2005). From Political Protest to a Successful Assimilation? The Development of Mexican American Identities and Stereotypes in America Since the 1960s.
  • Ødegård, Per Refseth & Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn (2005). Norway and the USA: The Norwegian Media's Coverage of September 11, 2001.
  • Kitchen, Deborah Lynn (2004). Campaigning on Sex, Money, and Hate: The Federal Marriage Act.
  • Kitchen, Deborah Lynn (2004). Gender as Mediator for Race in the Movies.
  • Kitchen, Deborah Lynn (2004). Gender as Mediator for Race in the Movies within Historical Contexts.
  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn (2004). Making Your Studies Pay: Building Your CV as a Student.
  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn (2004, 01. januar). U.S. Elections in 2004 (multiple interviews). [Radio].  Radio Nova.
  • Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn (2004, 01. januar). the Amish Faith in America: Amish in the City. [Radio].  Oslo.

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