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Election Board

The Election Board is responsible for the elections of the Dean and the representatives to the Faculty Board. 

The Election Board ensures that the elections are undertaken in compliance with UiO’s election regulations, monitors the counting of ballots and decides on all matters that have not been delegated to another body in the context of the elections.

Toril Opsahl, ILN, Head of the Election Board (academic employee)

Einar Lie, IAKH (academic employee)

Karina Kleiva, ILOS (technical-administrative employee), tel.: 56827

Jon Nordenson, IKOS (fixed term academic employee)

Eugenia Alexandersen, ILOS  (student)

Secretariat to the Election Board: Thorbjørn Nordbø and Inger-Johanne Ullern.

Inquiries regarding technical issues pertaining to the elections should be sent to the Election Board. Contact address:


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