Sophus Bugge Annual Lectures

Sophus Bugge is a foundational figure for the study of Scandinavian culture and language. The Sophus Bugge Annual Lecture series aims at presenting international and excellent research in the multidisciplinary study of the Middle Ages in the tradition of Sophus Bugge. 

2016 – Joseph Harris (Harvard University), Eddic Poetry as World Literature

2017 – Paul Binski (Cambridge University), Craft, Rhetoric, and the Gothic Image: Concepts and Controversies

2018 – Stephen D. White (Emory University), Misadventure and Mischance at King Arthur`s Court: Guinevere`s Trial in La mort le Roi Artu

2019 – Ruth Mazo Karras (Trinity College Dublin), Perfect Men? The Nine Worthies and Medieval Masculinity

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