HEIs International Student Conference 2020

Welcome to HEI’s first International Student Conference! 

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HEI: Heritage Experience Initiative has the pleasure of inviting to HEI’s first International Student Conference.

This year’s conference will include participants from Aarhus University, the University of Gothenburg, Newcastle University and the University of Oslo. It will combine student presentations, keynote talks from current or recently finished PhD candidates, and workshops. Due to the current corona situation, the conference will be organised as a digital event. 

The conference will bring together students from archaeology, museology, conservation and cultural heritage studies. The aim of the conference is to function as a platform where students can present their research to other students, discuss and gain new insights, and build international networks. 

The conference is open for all students! 

HEI: Heritage Experience Initiative is a research and teaching initiative at the University of Oslo, initiated by the Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History, the Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages, and the Norwegian Institute in Rome, and in collaboration with the Museum of Cultural History. HEI aims at developing deeper interdisciplinary insights into what heritage is, and the role of heritage today. An important goal is the integration of teaching and research.


Registration has now closed. If you wish to attend the meeting please send an email to s.s.jahnsen@iakh.uio.no


Information about the keynote presentations can be found here

Detailed program can be dowloaded here, and all abstracts here.

Note that the program is in Oslo time (GMT+2).

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