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About Literature, Cognition and Emotions

Literature, Cognition and Emotions (LCE) is an interdisciplinary hub for the exchange of ideas about literature, and the multiple ways in which literature engages thoughts and feelings.

LCE brings together researchers from literary studies, linguistics, psychology and neurosciences. We pursue theoretical investigations and empirical experiments on literary texts, as well as the reading and writing of literature. These research activities feed into a tailored teaching programme, an international exchange programme and a number of outreach activities to connect our work to the public at large.


As a strategic priority in the Faculty of Humanities, we will:

  1. Establish an environment where literature and psychology develop an understanding of the mind that is scientifically sound, culturally situated and phenomenologically rich.
  2. Create research projects that integrate methods, concepts and materials from the different disciplines involved and that have an international outlook.
  3. Implement a collaborative, innovative teaching programme.
  4. Build a portfolio of innovation, events and outreach activities.


Our network of associated research groups and centres stretches from Europe to the US and Australia. We work together with groups in empirical approaches to literature, cognitive literary study, memory studies and digital humanities.

Contact us

Karin Kukkonen

Professor at Department of Literature, Area Studies and European Languages

22 85 48 72


Literature, Cognition and Emotions was formed as a research group at ILOS in 2016. Here, the group developed a culture of exchange between the disciplines of literary studies, linguistics and psychology through discussions of the latest research, literary texts and members' work in progress.