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Our research collaborations link Literature, Cognition and Emotions to groups and centres around the globe. The guest researcher programme brings internationally leading scholars to UiO and enable a closer exchange between these groups and LCE.

Associate Researchers

Natalia Igl

Natalia Igl has a background in German and comparative literature. Her most recent work focuses on strategies of radical reader engagement in multimodal novels, the material of literature and mediality, and reading as inactive and embodied experience. 

As Associated Researcher with LCE, Igl is currently preparing a grant application for funding through the Research Council of Norway (RCN) on embodied and enactive reader engagement in contemporary narratives of illness, trauma, and crisis. The project’s approach and research questions are situated in the centre of LCE’s triangular research focus on ‘Emotions across cultures and languages’, ‘Cultural and cognitive memory’, and ‘Literature as a lifeworld technology’.

Yasemin Hacioglu

Image may contain: Person, Forehead, Nose, Hair, Water.Yasemin Hacioglu is a Senior Lecturer in English at NTNU, having defended her PhD, titled "Thinking through Poems: Composition and Decision-Making in Late Eighteenth-Century Women’s Novels,” in September 2021 at the University of Oslo. The thesis draws on theories of extended mind and predictive processing to analyse how composition practices in popular gothic and domestic novels model agency to female readers; it is currently being prepared for a monograph. 

Hacioglu is developing the LCE doctoral project on how fiction can model agency to those marginalized by their gender identity through further collaborations with LCE members. She is especially interested in how theories of composition can be expanded to analyse painting practices and Russian nineteenth-century novels. 

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Stefka Eriksen

Research Professor

Image may contain: Necklace, Forehead, Nose, Cheek, Lip.Stefka G Eriksen is a research professor at the Norwegian Institute for Cultural Heritage Research, specializing in Old Norse literature and cultural history. She has published on the medieval self, i.e. on agency, creativity, and freedom when writing and reading in medieval manuscript culture. She is presently working on a monograph about minds and mentalizing in Old Norse literature and society.

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