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About OSEH

The Oslo School of Environmental Humanities (OSEH) is an initiative that seeks to strengthen interdisciplinary research and teaching on climate change and the environment. Our aim is to create a platform that facilitates conversation across disciplines and beyond academia, in order to creatively respond to the enormous environmental and social challenges of our time. We hope to bring the expertise of the humanities, social sciences, and arts to bear more directly on environmental research, public debates, and policy discussions.


OSEH supports scholars in the humanities by providing funding for interdisciplinary research groups that foster new research projects. 

We currently accept two kinds of applications:

  • Long-term OSEH collaboratories
  • Community-building initiatives

Environmental humanities desert landscape


Research and teaching at OSEH draws upon the unique strengths of the humanities, arts, and social sciences to offer critical insights into the manifold relationships between people and their environments. At UiO, we organize activities to bring together faculty and students interested in climate change and environmental research, sponsor public lectures, and fund "collaboratories", where scholars can explore new research questions dealing with the complex social and ecological dilemmas of the Anthropocene.

Vision and Research Priorities

  • Establish the environmental humanities as interdisciplinary academic discipline at UiO
  • Facilitate dialogue and collaboration between the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences in the field of climate and environmental research
  • Establish interdisciplinary and co-taught courses in the environmental humanities at the master’s and bachelor’s levels 
  • Build a network for environmental humanities initiatives in the Nordic countries
  • Build networks and collaborations with scholars and institutions beyond Europe and the US, especially in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa
  • Respond to the major environmental challenges of our time by contributing experimental and innovative research to the field of climate change and environmental studies

Contact us

Director Ursula Münster

Associate Professor, Environmental Humanities, Department of Culture Studies and Oriental Languages