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Help with research and dissemination

Operation of labs and lab equipment

The IT department operates labs at Multiling and the Department of Musicology.

For IT inquiries regarding the labs please contact us at

IT support for research

  • Storage solutions
  • Provides advice on digital solutions in research
  • Provides solutions, services and expertise to faculty researchers and research communities

Digital dissemination

  • Advice on how to realize digital dissemination projects
  • Can assist with project and budget plans
  • The projects are based on UiO's project framework

Please contact Communications -

Unit for Digital Documentation (EDD)

  • guidance for using ICT methods in the humanities for employees and students
  • development of digitization projects
  • data analysis and modeling
  • digital map solutions / GIS
  • multimedia databases
  • text encoding / edition philology
  • text archive / corpus
  • lexical databases and e-lexicography / lexicology

The Text Laboratory

  • guidance and assistance to students, fellows and employees
  • language technology solutions
  • corpus for text and speech
  • databases
  • frequency dictionaries and collocations
  • web-based solutions
  • technological guidance for new research projects

Digitale medier i læring og forskning (DMLF)

  • custom database, web and application solutions
  • consultancy and project management
  • modeling of data
  • conversion and facilitation of data material
  • analysis / statistics