Humanities graduates in business

Humanities graduates occupy a diverse range of sub-industries in business.

They work in consultancy activities, in finance and insurance, with ICT and in Telecoms companies. You will also find them in the classic Humanities industries; the arts, publishing and the media.

Smart study choices

Part-time study abroad and practical studies provide very relevant experience for jobs in business.

The spread of many sub-industries contributed to the fact that the 2010 Employer Survey did not provide reliable data on the qualifications employers in business demand in general.

There is still reason to believe that employers emphasise the same qualifications as within other industries, however, they will probably have different priorities.

Employers generally prioritise personal suitability in relation to appointing new employees. Work experience alongside studies and experience of organisations also count for a lot.

Relative expertise

The Faculty of Humanities is aiming to increase the number of humanities graduates in business. The skills humanities students possess in terms of language, area knowledge and communication is especially relevant for internationally-oriented companies.

Source: The 2006 and 2010 employer surveys.


Published Jan. 21, 2013 8:57 AM - Last modified May 6, 2022 2:54 PM