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  • Portrait photo, young man, blonde hair, short hair, smile, white sweater, black trousers, sitting in a black comfortable chair, indoors, windows showing trees in the background Platform Engineer

    My education prepared me well for an environment where learning new platforms and integrating prior knowledge would be essential, says Jackson.

  • Portrait photo, man, dark hair, short hair, short beard, black shirt, holding a blue mug, indoors, white background Department Engineer and Lecturer

    “Whether you are occupied with literary science or archaeology, if you learn to code, you will have the world at your feet”, says Aleksander.

  • Portrait photo, woman, smile, glasses, blonde hair, long hair, green shirt, white background Chief Experience Officer

    “I’ve found nearly all the opportunities in my career via unusual methods”, says Tiffany as she argues that you should be willing to step out of your comfort zone while job-hunting.

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