Career interviews

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"The international and transdisciplinary workplace that SUM offers has prepared me to work in groups from different backgrounds, nationalities and interests," says Guillem Rubio Ramon. He is now a PhD student in Human Geography at the University of Edinburgh.

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“A humanities education helps you see the world from different and useful perspectives,” says Seth Townley. “The critical thinking skills gained during my studies at SUM are vital to my work at Taylor & Francis Group,” which is one of the world's leading publishers of academic research.

“I never expected to be working for the Police, or that my education would be relevant here, but it actually is,” says Camilla Eriksen Andreassen, who has a Master’s degree in South-Asian Culture and Society.

“Choose a subject according to your interests and abilities - and you will get a job when you have completed your studies,” recommends Iselin Stensdal, who is a Researcher at the Fridtjof Nansen Institute and has a Master’s degree in Chinese Studies.

“Without my semester in India I would have had neither the language skills nor the network that I have today,” says Tora Toreng, who has a Bachelor’s degree in South Asian Culture and Society with Hindu and works for Norec (FK Norway).

“If you want to be work in the field of emergency aid you should acquire an internship and learn an extra language in addition to English,” recommends Annelies Ollieuz, who coordinates education on emergency situations for the Norwegian Refugee Council/UNICEF.

“I acquired an invaluable network through my exchange visit to India when I was studying for my Master’s degree in South Asian Culture and Society. Without that I would not have been able to set up my own company,” says Harriet Olaisen, the owner and founder of HOI by Cottage Wool.

“Go on an exchange visit! Being in India for a long time, on several occasions, has provided me with knowledge and experience that cannot be acquired by studying at Blindern,” says Gudrun C E Helland, who has a Master’s degree in South Asian Culture and Society.

The competence I have in Chinese affairs and the perspectives that my education at HF gave me are now the defining factors in my daily work at the embassy in Bejing, Sunniva H. Abrahamsen says. She holds a master’s degree in Chinese Society and Politics and is a member of the political team at the overseas station.