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Join the case-competition at HF!

From 7 to 9 June 2022, you can participate in the faculty's second case competition. Here, interdisciplinary and international student teams will work together to solve a case from a potential employer. Assemble your own team or sign up alone, and HF will fix a team for you!

What is a case-competition?

A case-competition is an academic competition where students cooperate to solve a case from an organisation or a business. Students use their abilities in cooperation and planning, critical thinking and analytical skills to develop a solution. The solution is then presented to a jury and to the organisation that delivered the case to the competition.

Why participate?

In a case competition, you get to try out the academic skills you have learned during your studies in a practical and work-relevant context.

  • Team work
    You gain experience in how to collaborate effectively and create good group dynamics.
  • Analysis
    You learn to evaluate the various components of the case and work your way to a strategic solution.
  • Critical thinking
    You get to use your ability to think critically in a practical context.
  • Communication
    You learn both to communicate within the group and to present to an audience.. 
  • Planning
    You learn time use, resource use and process organization in an interdisciplinary group.

More reasons to participate

  • insight into real challenges and issues in working life
  • show the relevance of your education in a practical setting
  • opportunity to meet potential employers
  • access to coaching, courses and training that strengthens you as a job seeker
  • networking
  • certificate of participation in the case competition
  • something to add to your resume

Resources for the case-competition


Client impressed by humanities students!

“The students only had 48 hours. Still, they came up with something that was at a high level within my industry. They showed a good understanding of the task and of the format,” says Magnus Nystrand, partner at Corporate Communications AS.

Evaluation criteria for the jury

  • Does the presentation answer the problem or challenge in the case assignment?
  • From the client's point of view, what is the quality of the group's solution?
  • How has the group used their academic skills to solve the task?
  • How has the group justified its solution (who has the group talked to, what sources have been used to explore the applicability of the idea)?
  • How was the quality of the pitch / presentation?

Case-competition at HF - June 2022

30 May - Information meeting

11:30 -12:00  Digital information meeting - You can ask questions and get answers about the upcoming case-competition from the academic person in charge, Arnt Maasø. Here is a recording of the Zoom meeting (including a word document with questions and answers from the session).   

7 June

14:00 - 16:00  Kick-off! The case competition kicks off and the companies present the cases to the student groups. More information to come. Venue: Aud. 3, Sophus Bugge's building

16:00-              Groups will be working on cases

8 June

All day-            Groups will be working on cases

approx. 12:00  Lunch buffet at Eilert Eatery, Eilert Sundts building

13:00 - 14:00   1 minute pitch session with Arnt Maasø
                         Groups will deliver a preliminary pitch of their ideas for training and feedback purposes
                          Venue: Seminar room 10, P. A. Munch building

9 June

Morning           Groups will be working on cases

13:00               DEADLINE for submission of ppt.-presentation of case solution

14:00 - 16:00  7-minute pitches to the juryThe clients are encouraged to appoint a member of the jury for their case.
                       Venue: Aud. 3, Sophus Bugge's building

16:00 - 20:00  Final and closing event at Union371, Fredrikke buliding

16:00 - 17:00  Serving of hot food and drinks, socializing

17:00 - 18:00  Announcement of the winners. Prize giving!

18:00 - 20.00  Socialization and celebration of well-conducted case competition; billiards, darts, shuffleboard…

Opportunity to buy food and drinks.


Contact Therese GjessingTorunn Nyland or Arnt Maasø

Logoen til prosjektet GROWTH. Sorte bokstaver og et blått firetall.

The Faculty of Humanities (HF) is working with partners in Denmark and Belgium in the Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership project GROWTH4SMEs. The case competitions are part of this project.