Jobbklar - your pathway to working life

Welcome to your first year of study! From the start, Jobbklar can help you navigate student life and build a pathway to working life.

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Where do I find Jobbklar?

You will find Jobbklar (meaning “ready for work”) in your study program room in Canvas, together with your other courses. Use Jobbklar as a tool in building skills that will be of use to you both during your studies and in working life.

How to use Jobbklar?

Jobbklar provides you with an overview of information and activities you can choose from in the first and second academic years. It is smart to get an overview of available resources, tools and apps in order to find timetables, messages, events and other information, and communicate with your teachers and fellow students.

  1. Go to My studies 
    Choose «University of Oslo» in FEIDE
  2. Go to Canvas
    There is a shortcut to Canvas from My Studies
  3. Log on to Canvas with your username and password and find Jobbklar on the dashboard (see the screenshot).

Screenshot from dashboard in Canvas with apps for Jobbklar, GDPR and two coursesWhen you open Jobbklar from the 'dashboard' you will access the program page for the students in your study programme. On this page, you will find messages and a calendar, and you can click on "first year" to see offers, courses, internships, events and activities intended for first-year students.

Start by reading the first couple of pages to get an overview of what’s on offer for your first year of study.


Happy academic year!



Please get in touch with Career and Employability Coordinator Torunn Nyland


Published Aug. 12, 2022 5:41 PM - Last modified Aug. 12, 2022 5:41 PM