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Visiting address Niels Henrik Abels vei 36 Niels Treschows hus 0851 OSLO
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Imprint and Tactility as Cultural Techniques in Russian Modernism

Summary: What you touch, touches you back. Writing and painting start in the tactile interaction between hand and surface. At the same time tactility is in the nature of violence and torture. The project investigates a shift in Russian modernism from the predominating
nexus between image and eye, to the skin. On basis of the skin’s capacity for perception, suffering, imprint and imagination, I intend to identify tactile strategies in the memory of Stalin’s terror.

This is a collaborative project between University of Oslo and Humboldt University of Berlin, financed by Research Council of Norway and Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions.

Academic interests

  • Art
  • Icons
  • Memory
  • Modernism
  • Body
  • Russia
  • Gulag literature


Fabian Heffermehl is PhD from Uppsala University (2015). He finished his Master Degree at Humboldt University of Berlin and has working experience from Armenia and Azerbaijan. His field of studies include Russian literature and graphic art.


Taktilität und Gewalt in der Russischen Moderne (Humboldt University)

Tags: Russia, Russian literature, Literary studies, Art theory, Art History, Religion, Modernism, Icons, ArtSci, Gulag, Bodies


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  • Heffermehl, Fabian (2016). The Digital Icon and the Phenomenology of Surveillance, In Mikhail Suslov (ed.),  Digital Orthodoxy in the Post-Soviet World.  Ibidem-Verlag.  ISBN 9783838208718.  Chapter 3..  s 83 - 110
  • Heffermehl, Fabian (2016). The Icon and the Hand. Acheiropoiesis (nerukotvornost') as a Literary Technique in Shalamov's Glove. Journal of Icon Studies.  ISSN 2473-7747.
  • Heffermehl, Fabian (2015). Проблема нерукотворности и мнемотехники ГУЛАГа. Wiener Slawistischer Almanach, Sonderband.  ISSN 0256-5234.  76

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  • Heffermehl, Fredrik Fabian (2021). The Post-Soviet Politics of Utopia: Language, Fiction and Fantasy in Modern Russia. Nordisk Østforum.  ISSN 0801-7220. . doi: 10.23865/noros.v35.3067
  • Heffermehl, Fabian (2017). Die Ikone in der Literatur des Gulags.
  • Heffermehl, Fabian (2017). From Face to Hand – Inside Perception in Hamsun and Shalamov.
  • Heffermehl, Fabian (2017). Геноцид? С чем его едят?’ Тактильность, печать и архаизм в текстах В.Т. Шаламова и С.С. Аверинцева.
  • Heffermehl, Fabian (2017). Икона и рука: Варлам Шаламов и его рассказ "Перчатка".
  • Heffermehl, Fabian (2017). Проблема нерукотворности и мнемотехника ГУЛАГа.
  • Heffermehl, Fabian (2016). Tarabukin Reads Florenskii – on the Connection between Mathematical and Pictorial Spaces in Russian Modernism.
  • Heffermehl, Fabian (2016). Von der Ikone zum Daktylogramm – Abdrück und Berührung als Kulturtechniken der russischen Moderne.
  • Heffermehl, Fabian (2016). Тело, слагаемое из вибрации человеческого «нутра».

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