Defining a research question for your term paper

Basic criteria for a research question:

  • It must be possible to answer it (within a reasonable time span).

  • It must be specific.

  • It must be relevant to the course for which you are writing the term paper.

 Once you have an idea for a research question, find out
  • what has been written on the topic before (library, Google Scholar + MA theses in
  • what kind of and how much data you need
    • spoken/written English?
    • texts, words, sentences? 
    • different text types?
  • which corpus/corpora you are going to use
  • how you need to analyse and classify your examples in order to answer your research question.
 Where can you find the ideas?
  • special interest
  • claims made in grammars, textbooks or linguistics articles that you distrust or disagree with
  • suggested topics for further research at the end of research articles
  • 'hands-on' exercises in your courses and textboooks
  • discussions with teacher and/or other students
 Getting started
  • talk to your teacher about your research idea
  • formulate a research question (or set of research questions)
  • form a hypothesis: i.e. what do you think you will find out?
  • read secondary literature (but not forever)
  • start as early as possible with finding data and analysing them
  • write a tentative outline
  • set deadlines for yourself
As a rule: the more precisely you have formulated your research question and your hypotheses, the easier it is to get started with the real work.

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