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Administrative staff

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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Dalby, Ingeborg Senior Executive Officer +47 22850117
Picture of Maria Øderud Danielsen Danielsen, Maria Øderud Senior Executive Officer +47 22854034 Study administration, Student guidance, Russian, Russia, Balkans, Central Europe, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Polish, Czech, East European Studies, Ukraine, Internationalisation, Exchange studies
Picture of Kristin Bjørneboe Eide Eide, Kristin Bjørneboe Adviser +47 22856835 Student mobility, Internationalisation, International coordinator, International cooperation, Administrative management
Eiene, Sarah Margrethe Øverlie Doctoral Research Fellow +47 22844730
Ekstrand, Heidi Adviser +47 22856849 +47 41221683 +47-41221683 Personell, Economy, Wages
Picture of Ragnhild Norheim Førland Førland, Ragnhild Norheim Senior Executive Officer +47 22856983
Picture of Cecilia Kosanetzky Ingulstad Ingulstad, Cecilia Kosanetzky Higher Executive Officer +47 22856081 Study administration
Picture of Tiril Borgå Johansen Johansen, Tiril Borgå Higher Executive Officer +47 22859173
Picture of Tor Erik Risvik Johnsen Johnsen, Tor Erik Risvik Senior Executive Officer +47 22854794 Study administration
Picture of Mia Brunelle Jønnum Jønnum, Mia Brunelle Senior Executive Officer +47 22858392 English, LAMUSO
Picture of Karina Kleiva Kleiva, Karina Head of Administration +47 97 10 64 89 -send SMS Administrative management, Human resources administration, Financial Management
Picture of Håvard Lie Loftheim Loftheim, Håvard Lie Higher Executive Officer +47 22855975
Malchère Pettersen, Heidi Higher Executive Officer +47 22854466
Picture of Sarah Salameh Salameh, Sarah Adviser +47 22856931 Research support, Research administration, PhD, Cristin, Forskningsrådet, ERC, Privacy, Research Ethics
Picture of Kirsti Sellevold Sellevold, Kirsti Senior Adviser +47 22845693
Picture of Mons Andreas Finne Vedøy Vedøy, Mons Andreas Finne Administrative Head of Studies +47-22844735
Vestli, Adrienne Higher Executive Officer +47 22856933 Exams, Study administration, English language, English linguistics