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Administrative staff

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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Maria Øderud Danielsen Danielsen, Maria Øderud Senior Executive Officer +47 22854034 Study administration, Student guidance, Russian, Russia, Balkans, Central Europe, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Polish, Czech, East European Studies, Ukraine
Picture of Kristin Bjørneboe Eide Eide, Kristin Bjørneboe Senior Executive Officer +47 22856835 Study administration, Student guidance
Eiene, Sarah Margrethe Øverlie Higher Executive Officer +47 22844730
Ekstrand, Heidi Adviser +47 22856849 +47 41221683 +47-41221683 Personell, Economy, Wages
Picture of Ragnhild Norheim Førland Førland, Ragnhild Norheim Senior Executive Officer +47 22856983
Høyem, Anna Kristine Senior Executive Officer +47 22844737 Student and Academic Administration, student funds, Facebook, Italian, German
Picture of Cecilia Kosanetzky Ingulstad Ingulstad, Cecilia Kosanetzky Higher Executive Officer +47 22856081 Study administration
Picture of Tiril Borgå Johansen Johansen, Tiril Borgå Higher Executive Officer +47 22859173
Picture of Tor Erik Risvik Johnsen Johnsen, Tor Erik Risvik Senior Executive Officer +47 22854794 Study administration
Picture of Mia Brunelle Jønnum Jønnum, Mia Brunelle Senior Executive Officer +47 22858392 English, LAMUSO
Picture of Karina Kleiva Kleiva, Karina Head of Administration + 47 22 85 68 27 +47 97 10 64 89 Administrative management, Human resources administration, Financial Management
Malchère Pettersen, Heidi Higher Executive Officer +47 22854466
Picture of Sarah Salameh Salameh, Sarah Adviser +47 22856931 Research support, Research administration, PhD, Cristin, Forskningsrådet, ERC, Privacy, Research Ethics
Picture of Kirsti Sellevold Sellevold, Kirsti Senior Adviser +47 22845693
Picture of Bethina Strandberg-Jensen Strandberg-Jensen, Bethina Adviser +47 22855226
Picture of Mons Andreas Finne Vedøy Vedøy, Mons Andreas Finne Administrative Head of Studies +47-22844735
Vestli, Adrienne Higher Executive Officer +47 22856933