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How to document your pedagogical skills

Suggested ways in which you can document your pedagogical qualities, for applicants to academic positions with a compulsory teaching component.

This webpage is meant for applicants to academic positions with a compulsory teaching component at the Faculty of Humanities. We endeavour to recruit the best teachers and supervisors and put emphasis on evaulation of pedagogical skills in the recruitment process.

Below we have suggested ways in which you can document your pedagogical qualities and display your merits and results in this field.

The application process

The applicant sends an application following the requirements specified in the advertisement. The best qualified applicants can be invited to send in examples of their teaching methods.

These methods will then be evaluated by an expert committee or by the interview committee depending on what sort of position the applicant has applied for.

More information about the application process

The following may be included in the CV you send in with your application

  • A resumé of courses in pedagogy/subject didactics beyond that which is covered by basic pedagogical training
  • A resumé of textbooks you have written – or other teaching materials
  • A resumé of articles in subject didactics in your field that you have had published
  • A list of teaching experience, specifying level and extent
  • A list of courses of study that you have created or assisted in creating
  • A list of web-based resources you have created or assisted in creating (with link to web-page): e.g. blogs, diagnostic tests, MOOCs, etc.
  • A concise list of Master and PhD supervision you have given, including whether or not the thesis was handed in on time – or at all.

Submission of teaching plans

Applicants who are selected to go forward to evaluation by the expert committtee or the committee that makes the recommendation about the appointment, may be asked to submit a presentation of up to 3 selected types of teaching, preferably illustrated with podcasts, powerpoint presentations, etc., and a short (max. 1 page per example) text about the selected examples explaining what is significant.

Factors that can be worth mentioning are: to what extent the teaching matched the outcome the course was aimed at, and the level of the students and one’s own research and that of other people. One presentation can be dedicated to a description of a supervisory assignment.

These presentations can be about teaching that has already been carried out, or new teaching methods that you hope to implement.

Where do we place our emphasis?

  • Good teaching methods
  • Your ability to communicate with the students and your pedagogical skills
  • Whether you are able to make a link between your teaching and ongoing research
  • Innovation and quality of teaching methods, development of new courses to offer, and teaching resources and learning materials
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