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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Mari Lilleslåtten Lilleslåtten, Mari Adviser +47 22854439
Picture of Graciete Sousa Cruz Londrim Londrim, Graciete Sousa Cruz Adviser +47-22856019 Student and Academic Administration, Internationalisation, Incoming exchange students, Portuguese Language, Learning Assistants
Picture of Cristian Marcos Lopez Lopez Lopez Lopez, Cristian Marcos Senior Executive Officer +47 22845136
Picture of Anne Løken Løken, Anne Adviser +47 22857474 Common Student System (FS), Student and Academic Administration
Picture of Heidi Løken Løken, Heidi Head Engineer +47 22844440 +47 90739023 IT services, IT support for research
Picture of Petter Løken Løken, Petter Section Manager +47 22844860 +47 95237474 Communication, Web editor
Picture of Lars I. Lønning Lønning, Lars I. Adviser +47-228 55838 Diplomas, Examination, Accreditation
Picture of Manuela Michelloni Michelloni, Manuela Librarian +39 06 5839 1005 Library, Archive, Metadata, Linked Open Data, Art history, History, Medieval art history, Renaissance art history, History of collections, Museology and museography, Cultural history
Picture of Stig Mikalsen Mikalsen, Stig Adviser +47 22857062 41302068 Student and Academic Administration, canvas, Inspera (HF superbruker)
Picture of Øystein Moe Moe, Øystein Senior Executive Officer +47 22856490 Archives
Picture of Hans Didrik Munch Munch, Hans Didrik Head Engineer +47 22854935 +47 91796144 IT services
Picture of Anna Muzi Muzi, Anna +39 06 5839 1000
Picture of Yasothara Nanthagopal Nanthagopal, Yasothara Adviser +47 22850408 Externally funded projects, Budget, Accounts
Picture of Damir Nedic Nedic, Damir Senior Engineer +47 22857835 +47 47010357 IT services
Picture of Asgeir Nesøen Nesøen, Asgeir Senior Engineer +47 22855106 +47-99418365 IT services,  DMLF,  MySQL,  MariaDB,  OpenLayers,  Php, Zend,  database,  datamodelling,  backend
Picture of Anne  Nicolaysen Nicolaysen, Anne Administrative Manager +39 06 5839 1006
Picture of Geir Nilsen Nilsen, Geir Adviser +47 22854071 Budget, Finance
Picture of Thomas Nilsen Nilsen, Thomas Senior Adviser +47 22856128 Budget, Accounts, External funding, Project controller
Picture of Astrid Nilsen-Nygaard Nilsen-Nygaard, Astrid Senior Executive Officer +47 22854393
Nordstrand, Evian Adviser +47 22856318 Human resources administration
Picture of Onega Novikova Novikova, Onega Senior Executive Officer +47 22845053 Finance, Budget
Picture of Torunn Nyland Nyland, Torunn Senior Adviser +47-228 44855 +47 405 52 150 Student and Academic Administration, Working life, Vitenskapsbutikken, Alumni, Events
Picture of Eirik Rønningstad Olsen Olsen, Eirik Rønningstad Adviser +47 22854115
Olsen, Tonje Nathalie Adviser +47 22857755
Picture of Helga Alette Reiss Reiss, Helga Alette Section Manager +47 22858310 +47 97040008 Human resources administration