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Administrative staff at the faculty

Persons 1 - 25 of 91
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Aliosman, Nuray Bedri Higher Executive Officer +47-22854020
Andresen, Rasmus G. Senior Adviser +47-22858313 Organized research training, (doctoral programme), Project management, Research support, Admissions, Research support
Picture of Asbjørn Aursjø Aursjø, Asbjørn Senior Executive Officer +47-22844592 Digital examination, Examinations, Diplomas
Picture of Monica Bakken Bakken, Monica Director of Department +47-22856229 +47-97082983 Administrative management
Picture of Andreas Bangsund Bangsund, Andreas Senior Executive Officer +47-22854068 Budget, Finance
Picture of Anne-Kristin Berger Berger, Anne-Kristin Executive Officer +47-22857060
Picture of Mari  Bergseth-Hasle Bergseth-Hasle, Mari Adviser – UiO: Nordic – On leave Research administration, External funding
Picture of Birgit Brun Brun, Birgit Higher Executive Officer +47-22844451
Picture of Bernt Brundtland Brundtland, Bernt Section Manager +47-22854496 +47-91878816 IT services, Mangement
Bull, Tore Kielland Overingeniør +47 22854006 +47 91762813 AV services, Sound image video, Network
Picture of Camilla Marie Chausse Chausse, Camilla Marie Senior Adviser +47-22854844 47234806 + 47-47234806 Communication, Research communication, Press contact, Strategic Communication, Web publishing
Picture of Frode Torp Christensen Christensen, Frode Torp Adviser +47-228 44465 Examination, Student and Academic Administration
Picture of Olaf Sunde Christensen Christensen, Olaf Sunde Senior Executive Officer +47-22854651 Communication
Picture of Jørn Henry Christiansen Christiansen, Jørn Henry Adviser +47-22851929 90750907 Accounts, Finance, Tableau, Budget, Externally funded projects
Picture of Jesmine Christopher Christopher, Jesmine Principal Engineer +47-22844312 IT services
Picture of Jannike Clausen Clausen, Jannike Adviser +47-22844725 Budget, Finance
Picture of Øystein Bjarne Ekevik Ekevik, Øystein Bjarne Senior Engineer +47-22857943 97674584 ICT and learning, IT support for research, IT support for eduation, Applications, computer, Mobile
Picture of Gunn Enli Enli, Gunn Pro-Dean +47-22850435 91172952 Media and communication, Political communication, Media Policy and Regulation, Media history, Television and New Media, Social media, Reality TV
Picture of Lars Erik Eriksson Eriksson, Lars Erik Head Engineer +47-22854878 +47-92634437 Computer, It-support, Orakel, Nabo, Applications
Picture of Magnus Garder Evensen Evensen, Magnus Garder Senior Adviser +47-22844411 Horizon2020, Research administration
Picture of Karoline Farbrot Farbrot, Karoline Senior Executive Officer +47-22844469 Human resources administration
Picture of Arve Fløystad-Thorsen Fløystad-Thorsen, Arve Adviser +47-22856069 +4797116069 External Funding, Research Administration
Fossen, Emily Henriksen Higher Executive Officer +47-22844442
Gjessing, Therese Senior Adviser +47-228 56118 Mobility, Exchange, Student and Academic Administration, International cooperation
Picture of Karoline Hagane Hagane, Karoline Adviser +47-22854019 Web publishing, Communication, Research communication, Development