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Administrative staff at the faculty

Persons 1 - 25 of 92
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Aliosman, Nuray Bedri Senior Executive Officer +47-22854020
Andresen, Rasmus G. Senior Adviser +47-22858313 Organized research training, (doctoral programme), Project management, Research support, Admissions, Research support
Picture of Asbjørn Aursjø Aursjø, Asbjørn Senior Executive Officer +47-22844592 Diplomas, Examinations, Digital examination
Picture of Monica Bakken Bakken, Monica Director of Department +47-22856229 +47-97082983 Administrative management
Picture of Andreas Bangsund Bangsund, Andreas Senior Executive Officer +47-22854068 Budget, Finance
Picture of Anne-Kristin Berger Berger, Anne-Kristin Executive Officer +47-22857060
Picture of Mari  Bergseth-Hasle Bergseth-Hasle, Mari Adviser – UiO: Nordic – On leave Research administration, External funding
Picture of Birgit Brun Brun, Birgit Senior Executive Officer +47-22844451
Picture of Bernt Brundtland Brundtland, Bernt Section Manager +47-22854496 +47-91878816 IT services, Mangement
Bull, Tore Kielland Overingeniør +47 22854006 +47 91762813 AV services, Sound image video, Network
Picture of Camilla Marie Chausse Chausse, Camilla Marie Senior Adviser +47-22854844 +4747234806 + 47-47234806 Communication, Research communication, Press contact, Strategic Communication, Web publishing
Picture of Frode Torp Christensen Christensen, Frode Torp Adviser +47-228 44465 Examination, Student and Academic Administration
Picture of Olaf Sunde Christensen Christensen, Olaf Sunde Senior Executive Officer +47-22854651 Communication
Picture of Jørn Henry Christiansen Christiansen, Jørn Henry Adviser +47-22851929 +4790750907 Accounts, Finance, Tableau, Budget, Externally funded projects
Picture of Jesmine Christopher Christopher, Jesmine Principal Engineer +47-22844312 IT services
Picture of Jannike Clausen Clausen, Jannike Senior Adviser +47-22844725 Finance, Budget
Picture of Øystein Bjarne Ekevik Ekevik, Øystein Bjarne Senior Engineer +47-22857943 +4797674584 ICT and learning, IT support for research, IT support for eduation, Applications, computer, Mobile
Picture of Gunn Enli Enli, Gunn Pro-Dean +47-22850435 +4791172952 Media and communication, Political communication, Media Policy and Regulation, Media history, Television and New Media, Social media, Reality TV
Picture of Lars Erik Eriksson Eriksson, Lars Erik Head Engineer +47-22854878 +47-92634437 Computer, It-support, Orakel, Nabo, Applications
Picture of Magnus Garder Evensen Evensen, Magnus Garder Senior Adviser +47-22844411 Horizon2020, Research administration
Picture of Karoline Farbrot Farbrot, Karoline Adviser +47-22844469 Human resources administration
Picture of Arve Fløystad-Thorsen Fløystad-Thorsen, Arve Adviser +47-22856069 +4797116069 External Funding, Research Administration
Fossen, Emily Henriksen Higher Executive Officer +47-22844442
Gjessing, Therese Senior Adviser +47-228 56118 Mobility, Exchange, Student and Academic Administration, International cooperation
Picture of Karoline Hagane Hagane, Karoline Adviser +47-22854019 Web publishing, Communication, Research communication, Development