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25 Feb.
3:00 PM, MCT Portal (129), ZEB building, Blindern

WoNoMute is presenting Angela Brennecke with her seminar: "What’s (in) your Story?
 Creative Audio & Interactive Media Technologies for Film & Storytelling ".

04 Mar.
9:00 AM, RITMO, Harald Schjelderups hus

An intensive PhD-level training course on sound and motion analysis with experts in sound and music computing from the Nordic countries.

04 Mar.
1:15 PM, University Library

We are very excited to launch Associate Professor Catherine Bradley's monograph: Polyphony in Medieval Paris - The Art of Composing with Plainchant.

04 Mar.
1:15 PM, Scene, HumSam 1. floor, Georg Sverdrups hus

This is the event for everyone interested in medieval music and music history! The new book Polyphony in Paris, focuses on the history of medieval music in thirteenth-century Paris, the ways in which music was created and the contexts in which it was performed.