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Storage Services at UiO

UiO has different types of storage services.

Determining which storage solution you can use, are the following guidelines from UiO: guidelines for the classification of information resources (data), storage guide and guidelines for managing research data.

Home area

The home area is your personal network-mounted disk. Snapsshots are taken from the home area, so it is possible to retrieve files if you are unlucky and delete a file or it becomes corrupted.

Cloud Storage

Employees at UiO can only use cloud services provided by suppliers the university has data processing agreement with.

UiO has data processing agreement with the following providers:


Researchers at HF may be assigned storage space for job-related material ( These are work areas that act as common disks, and are to be used when the home area isn't suitable or doesn't have sufficient capacity.

Each researcher or group of researchers may be assigned "their" area within their area (institute or center).

The service is currently free of charge.

Other storage solutions at UiO