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Sign up as a Buddy for autumn 2020!

The application to become a Buddy is open!

Two people holding up balloons with the letters HF on, a blurred picture from a lecture, the back of a buddy's t-shirt that says "I'm the best thing that's ever happened to you", and a call to sign up as a buddy.

We'll receive about 1800 new students in August 2020, and we need more than 200 nice and experienced students as buddies!

The study start happens in week 33, starting on August 10th and lasting until August 14th. All buddies (even you who register for the fifth time <3 ) has to participate in a digital kickoff Friday August 7th.

Social reasons to become a Buddy

  • You'll get an amazing start on the autumn term!
  • You'll participate in fun (and mostly digital) events
  • You'll get new friends
  • You'll get training
  • You'll meet people you wouldn't have meet otherwise
  • You'll get t-shirt and perks
  • You'll have the opportunity to shape the future of a new student

CV relevant reasons to become a Buddy

  • You'll get valuable volunteer experience
  • You'll expand your network 
  • You'll get experience in leading groups and being a team member, both physically and digitally
  • By doing an excellent job as a Buddy, you'll strengthen the chances of getting a relevant job during and after your studies. Previous buddies at The Faculty of Humanities has f.ex. gotten jobs at student employees at HF Student Info, as school ambassadors, as coordinator for the school ambassadors and as consultants at UiO and so forth. 

Sign up here!

Do you have any questions? Contact the chief executive buddies via 

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