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Student democracy at HF


The University of Oslo's highest decision-making body is the University Board, and the students sitting on this Board constitute the Student Parliament. It is their responsibility to develop long-term, unified policy, to address important specific issues and to promote them to the University Board, the Ministry, the NSU (Norwegian Student Union) and other relevant bodies.

The Faculty Board is the highest decision-making body at the Faculty. Det Humanistiske fakultets studentutvalg (HFSU), the Faculty of Humanities' Student Committee is the highest decision-making student committee at HF.

The departments have a similar structure, with a Department Board with student representatives from the students' Institute Committee, and on the programmes, with programme advisers and the students' Programme Committee.

Student Forum

The Student Forum is a new, informal body. It is designed to serve as an arena where all student representatives at HF can gather, discuss and reach agreement about all sorts of things. The HFSU has initiated and coordinated the Forum which is tasked with strengthening the voice of students by displaying a united front.

The Faculty Board at HF

The Faculty Board (FS) is the Faculty's highest decision-making body and has 11 permanent members: the Dean, the Vice-Dean for Research, two representatives for the academic staff, one representative for the temporary academic staff, one representative for the technical-administrative staff, three student representatives and two external representatives.

The Faculty Board is responsible for determining general objectives, priorities and strategies for the enterprise within the framework of current legislation, regulations and rules, as well as decisions adopted by the University Board.
The Board is chaired by the Dean and is elected for a period of four years, with the exception of the representative for the temporary academic staff and the student representatives who are elected for one year at a time.

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