The Creative IPR project members regularly present their research works in the media. Here are a few highlights


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-JStor Daily has on May 1, 2022, a feature article on Véronique Pouillard's Creative IPR research on the theme "Can You Copyright A Dress". Link to the feature article here:

-MSCA postdoctoral researcher and Creative IPR member Audrey Millet is out with a new book on the history of the swimsuit. In her book, Audrey discusses the history of the body, and also the technology behind the swimsuit and the patents for innovative designs. She is interviewed on this history by Radio Canada in April 2022, and you can listen to the integrality of the interview here:

-Sophie Danger interviews Audrey Millet in April 2022 on the sports blog A Block! on the technology of the swimsuit:

-You can read more on Audrey Millet new book, Les dessous du maillot de bain. Une autre histoire du corps (Paris, Les Pérégrines, 2022) in English here, from April 2022:

-Creative IPR project members Marius Buning, Audrey Millet and Véronique Pouillard were invited by the Fashion Revolution platform on April 23, 2022, to discuss the history of techniques in the textile and garment industries. They discussed the long-term perspective on the transmission of techniques and knowledge, and the challenges of quality and copying posed by the fast fashion industries.

-Creative IPR PI Véronique Pouillard has talked about fashion mogul Gabrielle Chanel on the podcast of the Norwegian National radio NRK P3, recorded in 2021. She discusses Chanel's rise from rags to riches, the networks she built with the happy few, and the most controversial part of her life, as a spy for Nazi Germany during World War 2. Chanel had also a very complex relation to the copying of her creations. In her research on Creative IPR, Pouillard has shown that while Chanel said publicly that copying was the best form of flattery, she sued copyists in the courts along with other fashion entrepreneurs, such as Jeanne Lanvin and Madeleine Vionnet. You can listen to the podcast here:

-On March 4, 2022, MSCA postdoctoral researcher Audrey Millet was on Le Mug at the Belgian radio RTBF to discuss her last book, Les dessous du maillot de bain. You can listen to the interview here:

-Regine Skogstad has interviewed PI Véronique Pouillard in January 2022 about creativity in contemporary fashion firms, on the occasion of the first collection of Phoebe Philo, a prominent fashion designer who made the success of French firm Celine. They discussed the iconic status of Celine, Philo's new directions, and the financial support extended to her by luxury group LVMH. They also evoked the important precursors for women designers, such as Jeanne Paquin.

-MSCA postdoctoral researcher Vincent Dubé-Sénécal discusses his research on fashion and diplomacy, and especially his recent book, La mode francaise. Vecteur d'influence aux Etats-Unis, Québec: Presses de l'Université Laval, 2020, in this podcast in December 2021:

-Creative IPR PI Véronique Pouillard's latest book, Paris to New York. The Transatlantic Fashion Industry in the Twentieth Century (Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 2021) is featured with an excerpt on literature blog LitHub. In this section of chapter 2, "All the Hot Fashion Trade Secrets c. 1925", she examines the tensions of creativity in haute couture workshops during the 1920s and the labor conflicts that resulted from them.

-MSCA postdoctoral researcher Audrey Millet gives an interview to Oxfam France in April 2021 for the publication of her book, Le Livre Noir de la Mode (Paris, Les Pérégrines, 2021), that examines the tensions of fashion production and fashion consumption.

- Creative IPR project member Anna Marie Nesheim is authoring pieces on the blog "Shakespeare i karantene". Please find an excerpt and link to her blog here: "William Shakespeare skrev noen av sine mest kjente skuespill i karantene da pesten herjet i England på slutten av 1500-tallet. Hvilken lærdom kan vi hente fra «oppfinneren av mennesket» her vi sitter i korona-karantene i 2020?"

- Madeleine Ensrud and Minja Mitrovic have interviewed Véronique Pouillard about her research for the history magazine Fortid. The interview is now published online.

-"We are what we wear" writes journalist Natalie Preminger in Stoff magazine. In her piece she debunks gendered wear, and has interviewed Creative IPR PI Véronique Pouillard on the topic.

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