New Phd: Harish Pedaprolu

Welcome Harish!

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Harish Pedaprolu has recently joined us at GoodAttention as a new PhD Fellow! Before coming to Oslo Harish studied at the University of Mumbai (India) where he received his BA, MA, and M.Phil. degrees.

Harish is most interested in philosophy of mind, ethics, philosophy of language and metaphysics.

In his PhD at Good Attention, Harish will study the mutual interdependence between norms of attention and norms of communication as well as conceptual and normative interrelations between freedom and attention.

We are very happy for Harish to join us and look forward to his work here! Welcome Harish!

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(much of the text used here is taken from Harish's own research description)

Published Sep. 30, 2022 9:00 AM