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Professor - Kunsthistorie
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Besøksadresse 0315 Oslo
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My fields of research are modernism/avant-garde studies and contemporary art with a particular focus on media aesthetics and the relationship between art, technology, media and politics. I have taken part in the NFR-supported projects Aesthetics at Work (2003-2007) and Media Aesthetics (2004-2008) and have directed the NFR supported research project The Archive in Motion (2011-2014) in collaboration with media- and film scholars. I have been a member of the international editorial board of Art History. Journal of the Association of Art Historians (Wiley) (2012-2016) and am currently member of the editorial board of MAST. The Journal of Media Art, Study and Theory (NeMLA) and Journal of Art History (Routledge), as well as a contributor to Artforum, Afterall, Parkett, and Texte zur Kunst. I have previously worked as a music critic and also done a number of curatorial projects. Since 2015, I also work as visiting professor at the Department of Art History, University of Chicago.

Emneord: Kunsthistorie, Avantgarde, Estetikk, Kunstteori, Kunst og teknologi, Medieestetikk, Mediearkeologi, Modernisme, Kunsthistorieforeleser

Utvalgte publikasjoner


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  • Straight Lines and Infrastructural Sensibilities (working title), University of Chicago Press, 2025

Artikler / bokkapitler (utvalg)

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  • KUN 2400/4400 Topics in Avant-Garde and Contemporary Art.
  • KUN 2230/4230 Art, Technology, Media.
  • KUN 1002 Art and Architecture from Baroque to Contemporary
  • KUN 2220/4220 Work vs Text,
  • KUN 2070/4070 Art 1950-2000
  • ARTH 41313 Media Archeology vs. Media Aesthetics (U. of Chicago)
  • ARTH 21313/31313 Video Art: The Analog Years (U. of Chicago)
  • ARTH 41314 Media Atmospheres. Art and Biopolitics at the end of the 20th Century (U. of Chicago)
  • ARTH 21314/31314 Fluxus and the Question of Media (U. of Chicago)
  • ARTH 21315/41315 Introduction to Art & Technology (U. of Chicago)
  • ARTH 41320: Art and Environmental Change (U. of Chicago)
  • ARTH 41350: Straight Lines and Infrastructural Sensibilities (U. of Chicago)
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